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Absolute Worst Possible Spawn Point

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spawning right in the face of enemy gunfire. didn't have time to react upon my survivors spawning which ended in this disaster. and not even two minutes. the time between spawning and this point was used up attempting to heal my recon and ended up with the medic going down along. i just find it really frustrating when this happens, and unfair even. before you could react your survivors are already downed. 


is there really no way to go about this without using smokes? or are you really screwed once this happens? or are my peripherals just to slow to react when i click or something?

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I mean.... that's why you usually spawn far away from the enemy's likely defensive positions whenever possible. What'd you think was going to happen once you spawned right in front of the entire squad? 


As for smoke grenades, using those would've gotten the person who was throwing them killed anyway, since you spawned within the enemy's range. 


This is probably another lesson learned, FOR YOU, in the unforgiving world of the Dead Zone.  Just by looking at the screen shot, it seems to me that you were asking to get spawn killed/trapped, spawning so close.



Notice that he was raiding an AI compound, you can see that on the top right corner, where it says "Raider Compound"... Also, notice that you can't choose where to spawn in those compounds, something that was already reported when AI pounds were introduced in the game. Many players stopped doing them exactly because of that "bug", and like everything else lately (and not so lately...) it won't get fixed.

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