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Screen Going Black During Missions

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I log in to play today, collect my resources and all that junk, when I decide to run a mission. I put five of my survivors on one team to run a mission to a Large Supermarket (Level 14). I get through the loading screen fine, but when it shows up, the screen is black. I still have my HUD, but nothing in the level shows up. Zombies still spawn, but I can't move my survivors at all. So I think, "OK, maybe it's a one time deal." I was wrong. I took my other survivor on a mission to a Security building (Level 7) and the exact same thing happened. I would like it very much if this was fixed soon.


EDIT 8/22/17: It happened again today. I sent two survivors to a Residence (Level 7).

EDIT 8/22/17: 8:14 PM: Still not working.

EDIT 8/23/17: Not working. One survivor, Residence (Level 1).

EDIT 8/24/27: Now, nothing is working. The game will load and everything, but I can't move around the compound at all.

EDIT 8/25/17: Things started working again yesterday, but now things are back to going black during missions. Somebody please help me.

EDIT 8/25/17 #2: Now it won't let me move around my compound.

EDIT 9/2/17: Alright Con, haha, very funny. Would you kindly fix your darn game? This is getting redonkulous.

EDIT 9/9/17: Con, are you even paying attention to these reports?


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I had the same issue and ended up losing resources and time which is ver frustrating :( 

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