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Defense From Zombi Raid Vs Recycle Dialog - Screen Blocked Until End

defense recycle dialog block screen raid

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Hi, It's my first report here so I'm sorry if i miss something of the procedure. I'll try to be as clear as possible.



* I've been playing on facebook gameroom.

- There was a countdown 'til the start of the zombi raid and i was choosing items to recycle. The usual.

- When i was about to confirm the recycling dialog, the countdown ended and the battle was launched. I can't be 100% sure if i was clicking in that very same moment or if it was just during the dialog being open.

- The problem is that the dialog was still there and the whole screen was a bit darkened [what usually happens with any dialog or modal window in the game] but i couldn't control the battle or the survivors.


Have you ever seen something similar in these bug reports?

I don't know how the source code might be arranged but if the problem was just because of the dialog being open, i think this would be an easy fix; just adding a few lines to check if there are modal windows opened and if so, close them.


I'll try to reproduce it tomorrow but, if in the meantime, someone happens to have this very same. I forgot to take a screenshot because i was annoyed and trying to move the game screen but if it happens again, i will add it to the post.


Thank you for your time and congrats for this great game.

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