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Mercenaries - [lom]

Legion of Mercenaries Kongregate Alliance Prestigious Alliance

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Bei Shang

Bei Shang
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Unified As One, Unified As Warriors, Unified For War
Legion Of Mercenaries is an alliance focused in PvP (player vs player), however, we also take in PvE (player vs environment) players, as well as players wanting and willing to learn how to raid.
In Legion Of Mercenaries (LOM), all members are expected to do something, which in turn will benefit the alliance. Currently there are two ways to contribute:
RAIDING - If you are interested in helping the alliance score war points by raiding, this is right for you. Raiders are expected to score at least 600 WP (War Points) during a raiding round.
Minimum level requirement is 10.
WAR TASKING - If you dislike raiding and/or just want to help out with war tasks, this is right for you. We Recommend that you be at least a level 25, if you decide to solely be a war tasker. We may make exceptions if you own the Death Mobile Upgrade (DMU).
all members are required to remain active. Regardless of rank, or status, all members are not to go offline for a period exceeding 3 days or 72 hours. Members whom are offline exceeding this time limit will be fully subject to demotion, and/or termination.
Exceptions may be made based on officers discretion. Certain factors such as rank, level of contribution, and behavior will determine weather officers decide to allow you to stay past set inactivity date.
Members whom expect a delay of activity are required to inform a member of the officer staff of their up comming period of inactivity. members who inform officer staff before hand, will be granted full pardon for inactivity, and will not be subject to penalties of inactivity, unless inactivity reached a period of thirty (30) days.
Loyalty - All members are expected to have unconditional loyalty to the Legion.
Duty - All members are expected to contribute a decent amount towards war tasks The Minimal donation requirement is your full share for ONE of the 4 war task. If you donate nothing, you must score at least 600 war points within the War Round.
Respect - All members are expected to have respect for their subordinates, superiors, commanding officers, and above all, themselves.
Selfless Service - All members are expected to put the welfare of the Alliance, above their own, in-game (Not in real life). This means donating weapons spare weapons which you have no use for, to fellow alliance members, at little to no additional cost.
Honor - This involves encompassing all other values, and showing them above expectations. Those with Honor are the ones who climb up the ladder very quickly.
Integrity - This involves making decisions which are morally and legally right. As well as standing up for LOM and its beliefs/personnel.
Personal Courage - This involves being able to challenge yourself to get better at the game, and to be brave enough to tell high ranking personnel bad things that are going on within the alliance and then help fix them.
These are the 7 Core Values of LOM. All Top Ranking personnel in LOM have these values. These are considered to be the values of a Great/True Alliance Leader/Officer.
We are located on the Kongregate Sever. Please let an LOM member know if you are interested in joining. The Following people may be able to help you out: JACOES, BEISHANG, fredswar3

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Dead alliance
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very dead...... players of lom get raided on the daily......

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