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Ideas For The Expansion Update

Expansion update infected ideas

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So, Con said that the Expansion update would get, well, expanded. More guns, more enemies, so this section (if nobody does it before) is to add ideas for upcoming Expansion add-ons.


Here are some of my ideas.



- Corpses: Infected that are in the "last" stage, they have a red-brownish coloring and barely any clothes. (http://img.ibxk.com....346.jpg?w=1040, the one in the middle). Male variants have no shirt, a pair of ragged pants, no shoes. Female variants have a ragged dress and barely any hair. There are no fat variants but vest wearing. Only police and military; both have a visibly worn vest, no helmet, no shirt, part of the pants torn and one boot. About the same health as the green zombies but slightly faster. They do not have an idle animation, they will always be running around looking for fresh survivors. There will be dog variants as well (looking like the zombie dogs from the first Resident Evil film, same health but a bit more speed).


As an extra to Terror Dome, Con could add "Football" zombies; zombies wearing football equipment that tackle survivors. So this results in survivor on the ground, recovering from the tackle, if surrounded by zombies you become easy prey for them. These zombies will be fast and should be dealt with ASAP.



The southwest side of the city with locations such as:


- Crash site. The crash site of either a commercial plane or helicopter. Somewhere in the middle of the forest or in a dual two-lane highway outside the city. Loot can vary from weapons, gear and ammo to junk, resources and components.

- Truckstop. With a gas station, a garage and a small diner/convenience store and lots of vehicles. A bit of everything.

- Airstrip. Small civilian airfield. Since we have trains, automobiles now planes. Maybe a large runaway, a crashed airplane in the middle. Lots of junk, components and construction materials.

- Bus depot. Overrun bus depot with a certain amount of military presence. A mix of weapons, gear, and junk.

- Trailer park. Both small and large. Same contents as a residence.

- Emergency services station. An ambulance/fire station with medical supplies, components, and junk.

- New models for the Unidentified Building: bar (with a The Last Stand arcade), car dealership, radio station. laundromat and/or post office.


A new trap: Boombox. In a nutshell, lights and music that attracts zombies close to its effective range. Once the zombies are done trashing the gadget BOOM. Like the pipe bomb from L4D. Upgrades increase the damage, effective range and duration (or health) of the trap.

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I don't think we need any of the infected types you came up with. We already have "Corpses" in the form of the very early level zombies that move incredibly slowly and are rather weak. You literally said why crawlers shouldn't happen, and a new bruiser attack and model should just be applied to a new infected type. A football zombie would be interesting though.


The only thing I somewhat agree with is some sort of explosive zombie. Something like the terror dome but toned down a loooot.





Crash site sounds like another location you won't loot, similar to pretty much 90% of the new locations we've gotten.


Truck stop: See above.



School: I think as long as the school wasn't explorable and rather it was everything outside, with military stuff all around, this could be a pretty unique and interesting map to explore that might actually be worth while.

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Umbrella Security Service

Umbrella Security Service
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Just an idea. Since there are AI Compounds in every area, after we take all of those AI Raiders out, can we occupy their Compound instead? this would be nice for people without DMU so we can be near where the action is instead of waiting for 2H(including UCS 50%), but the price would be more spawns than usual in a day. it  would be nice to have other FOBs.

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