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Cannot Defend Compound Or Play For Years

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Whenever I try to defend my compound (which you are forced to when logging in after a while), I get the message shown in the screenshot. The same happens if I try to do a mission. This has been happening to my account for literal years now, and I have not been able to play for all that time. I'm bringing it up now because I got a new computer that can run it better.

I hope this isn't happening because I was banned or something. I don't know how to cheat, and my computer at the time could barely run the game anyway, so it would not have been possible. I bought the Deathmobile for $30 very long ago. I just want to be able to play the game again.

Additional info: My IGN is FLYINGPIGMAN
The page for the game always comes up as not secure for me. This has happened on both my computers with different browsers (Firefox and Chrome).

Image link: https://i.imgur.com/dopog1H.png

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The same thing has started to happen to me as well in the last few days.  I thought it was because I hadn't updated my java or installed adobe flash but that doesn't seem to be the case.  It is pretty frustrating because I do want to play the game but whenever I try to load a mission it immediately show the image OP linked.  I've spent a bit of money on this game over the years so it's a little annoying that I can't play it when I want to. I was thinking about making my own topic but...idk at this point.


Also it's ill advised to keep using Chrome for playing TLS:DZ I think they stopped supporting flash a while back and will eventually phase out all support for it by 2020.


Additional info: IGN AukoraKnightess001

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