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Converting Junk Into Fuel.

Junk Fuel

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It was touched on vaguely in another thread, but with the topic having been brought up in trade chat, I want to elaborate on the idea.

Anyone having spent more than a few months in the game has probably accumulated lots, and lots of junk. Specifically, stuff like staplers, drills, paperweights, and such - not those old uni MP7s sitting in your inventory that nobody wants to buy.

The concept I thought of was this: Turn a minimum of 10, up to a maximum of 100 units of any junk stack, be it 10 kettles or 100 ruined backpacks, and convert it into fuel at a 10:1 ratio, 10 junk for 1 fuel. This caps out daily at 100 junk items for 10 fuel. The restriction being "one kind of junk item at a time" isn't necessary, but it was put in by default to offer additional balance. Not just dumping in 100 junk items, but waiting until you can get 100 of the same thing.


I suggest this idea for a few reasons. 
For one, it would give use back to places like Offices, which are almost never touched outside of a task. It would incentivize looting them again to get some junk for fuel, and every bit helps. For those without DMU, it offers a tradeoff - you have places like Hardware Stores, Military Bases, and Supermarkets all offering their own specialty, and it provides another choice for you to loot in order to build up something of use. Those with DMU don't quite get the same decision, they raze the map anyway.

Secondly, a lot of the junk loses its value after a point. You recycle it to save inventory space, not really to get the components within. It also doesn't resolve bottlenecks that occur with components like Insulation. It's just stockpiling, not doing anything, and nobody wants to buy it. Furthermore, for those at a lower level, you can sacrifice easy component or resource gain in exchange for an injection of fuel.

Lastly, it's another alternate way of getting fuel if you can't do any of the other options (Fuel Tasks, Generator, Bounties, Raiding, Scavenging, etc). It shouldn't be lucrative, since that hurries inflation of the game's resources and economy, but there are benefits to the idea to consider in addition to the downside of more fuel being injected.


It can be implemented as a machine akin to the Recycler, or it can be handwaved as being sold in bulk to travelling survivors looking for resources in an unrefined form. Given that you're cramming a bunch of stuff into the Recycler or Incinerator to begin with, or that you have a bunch of 'space' for so many items in your inventory, I don't see it being that far fetched. 


A similar argument can be made for untradable stuff too, like Infamous Trophies- trading or converting it into fuel -but that's an idea for another thread. 

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I would recommend you to search for similar ideas proposed here. Most (if not all) of them got shot down. Here's an example.

Also, we already have a way to turn junk into fuel: recycling it and using the generator.

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As said before, recycle and generator is already the way to do this.


Honestly, most were hoping for a solution like the cost-free incinerator, where we can use it to burn up junk to get more inventory space (which is what is really in need).

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