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Retake Old Tls Dz Account

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***First of all, I apologize for creating an personal topic and waiting for Game Developers to respone but somehow I think I have no choice but doing this, please forgive me.



This is my story.


5 years ago, I started playing The Last Stand Dead Zone and at that time i had played that game on Facebook and I use Facebook account to login the game as well. Then, In a discussion between me and a stranger, he reported my Facebook Account - Which made me couldn't login to the game anymore. And the name of the Account was Jonhson ( Forgive me but I  don't remember the User Id ) I also don't use any cheats or hack this game by any tools. And then I created an ArmorGames account and start over again. Even my AG's Dead Zone Leader level now is 55 but I really really miss my old account Jonhson - Which was lost 5 years ago. So Con,Sev,Tom,Lisa, can you guys immigrate the Jonhson account to another ArmorGames  account ? So that I could countinue the game'sprogress, 10 more levels to go. I love TLS DZ and I really don't want my account to be lost forever. Dear Game Developers, please respone to my post, I'm really looking forward to your respones... Thank you. Cheers.



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passing player

passing player
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I believe you need to contact support@deadzone.com, or staff at FB to resolve this.. Don't discuss account stuff (especially ban related) on the Forums.

(If I am wrong, correct me)

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Just to be clear, is your whole Facebook account the one that was banned (that is, he reported it to Facebook), or just the game account (that is, a game ban)?

Also passing player is right, you would be better emailing them firectly.

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