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Wheres My Old School Players At?

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I started this account in Oct 2012 to practice raiding my main before CON made the self raid option.


My secret named main started in Sept 2012


Spartan CON can recover your FB account.

Actually you need to start a new account in AG and he can transfer all your FB account assets (guns, gears, fuel, etc) to the new account.

He did that for my FB account that got locked before but it took almost a year.



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Well, I'm back, and I managed to recover my account. 


A lot's changed since I logged out and didn't return. Most of my unique weapons are vintage now- not sure what that means. My compound was razed so long ago that the people who did it stopped playing years ago. The chat isn't a constant stream of conversation anymore, and every single member of my alliance hasn't logged in for years. The map has so many new areas that were only speculation in my time, and even this forum seems to have slowed down to only a few new topics a month, instead of a few new topics every day. 


But the game still has that base building charm that brought me here in the first place. I dunno how long I'll be around- probably until the nostalgia wears off, and then I'll pop in every now and again when I'm feeling that nostalgia. A lot's changed, but I'm still here- even though the LPGD who hung out on this forum five years ago... doesn't really resemble the modern me, if I'm being honest. I'm tired of flame wars, tired of internet arguments. I stopped finding joy in "trolling" a long time ago. It's a strange feeling, reading through those arguments that seemed so important back then. But then again, I was just a 14 year old kid trying to find his place in the world. Now I'm an upperclassman in college.


Typing all that out... wow, I feel old. 

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