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Raid Equip Bug? Or Cheat?

bug cheat raiding

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does no one think that perhaps con wanted to allow double stacked books?


Um no.





And the reason the game is "dying" as you say, in my opinion, is because cheats like these, and other bugs, go unfixed by the devs.


Hey, if Con replies here that this is intended and double stacking books is permitted? Then I'll go along with that without complaint. (Though I still won't understand why it's necessary - if you need to equip weapons 8 levels above you, perhaps you shouldn't be raiding, but that's also just my opinion.) The point is, it needs to be addressed, one way or another.  I'd love to have the trained books back and being used as they were intended. That's the truth.

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Darth, do you have any proof or statistics to back up all these assumptions like  "taking these books away has lead to many people quitting the game"  or do you just like making up everything to support your opinion (which is that using any exploit is okay cause people spend money on this game so that gives them the right to do whatever it takes to try and break it)?

I've taken a moment to read through all your posts on this forum and I'd say about 100% of what you say is completely wrong or biased cause you think everyone can do whatever they want cause they spend some money on this game.

Please just stop posting these unfounded assumptions so Con can actually work on fixing this bug instead of having to read through all of this again and again and so we don't have to waste time replying to and reading them as well.

To tackle one of your falsehoods, people don't quit because they can't buy trained books (like nobody has ever said this, ever), but people leave cause bugs like this don't get fixed and because the developers seem to not care about the game anymore. Just read around in the forum, plenty of people saying that they don't log the game anymore cause of all the bugs, but nobody has said that they left/leave cause of trained books not being available to them anymore.

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I am sorry if I offended you in any way in my previous post, lemme just take a moment to respond completely to one of your posts.


does no one think that perhaps con wanted to allow double stacked books?

Nope, nobody thinks that, it's actually pretty easy to assume the opposite cause you will only find out about this bug if you deliberately try to stack books with the same name, something that shouldn't even be possible and wasn't possible for years.


Why are you AGAINST double craft books or ammo books? I

Cause using any books with the same name is an exploit, read the previous point.


If you spend $300 or 150 prem keys on the best gun, how is that any different then someone buying fuel packs, using the trained books and burning fuel?

It's not different, but it's also not the point. The point is that bugs needs be fixed and that no matter which way you spend money you should never invest it in thing that only help you if you also use an exploit after you bought them.


THAT is what makes con MONEY and it's what drove the game.

Well you are right, money drives this game. And when developers stop caring about the game, people stop spending money. Easy as that.


All your whining, THIS THREAD killed the DZ.

Again an assumption that is based on nothing. Why do you say this? What proof do you have of this?


have you not noticed there are very few people here now? This rule change ONLY helped Legion, and because con made this UNFAIR rule change, the game is now DYING!

Yes, there less people than before, there is also way less moderation and developer activity than before. This correlation seems a lot more likely than that maybe 5 to 6 people complaining about something has led to dozens of people leaving the game. What is unfair is that people can stack books with same name, this wasn't even possible until timed books could be removed while still running.

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Okay 2 years later the Result is that Max, who began this thread, got the Trained books removed. the Result is that Legion, his Alliance and max himself are the ONLY ones with Trianed books and are still using them As of Easter week Raid 2019. So the very people who started this thread got an unfair advantage which htey sitll hold, use it to be number one in almost every war, and have forced all other teams to quit, unable to overcome the unfair advantage removing trianed books from the game gave them, the people who started this thread. My Raid Report shows Barbaric, max, li put  terminator all using guns above their levels. obviously using trained. these guys after starting this thread and getting the books removed, then went on a buying spree buying up all of them and are still using them. 2 years on. I propose without statistics, that this is what killed the game. This Thread and this alliance, legion. The dev.s do not care. Legion also spends the most money. so this was never about being fair, quite the opposite. there are also members using a hack, to show they are online 24/7 but hey. using double books to less then even the playing field is unfair? right? that is what this thread says? with level disparity for those without dmu, it can be 10 levels between leader and men. so lvl 40 leader, lvl 30 men. vs legion lvl 40 leader lvl 39 men using trained 4 levels so with lvl 43 guns vs lvl 30 men. using double trained gets the "cheater" to 38 vs the legion guns 43. THAT is unfair. BUT according to everyone her legion's 43 to my 30 is FAIR? that is now! the result


You need to move on the game is dead, move on with your life find something new.


Edit: you are really gonna delete your post? 

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