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New Idea, Survivor Formations

Unit Formation tactic maneuver idea new feature innovation Survivors Strategy

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During scavenge missions in PvE, i always have this certain way i position my survivors
Like for instance i have 3 fighters as the 3 corners of a triangle and my medic in the center of them all, so the medic is protected from all sides and they can respond equally regardless which side they're attacked from

In the Military there is this kind of formation called a Wedge, its like a W, each line has 2 end points, W has 4 lines so for the lines that make contact with each other along with the other ones make up 5 points, 5 survivors, so each one would be on a point

so like there should be a feature where you open a blank screen in 2D, position the icon of your survivors in a certain way, save it, and when you are in game on a scavenge mission you just select it and your survivors already form up to the way you desire, 

It can even work for PvP on so many circumstances

Its a idea i think would make the game more interesting 
I've played this game ever since it first came out on the FB browser platform, i've seen it grow ever since, this is a unique kind of game, this is for the better of this game, the Devs and us the Players that enjoy the game :D

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Sorry bro but this has been suggested before it's not a new idea.

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I see where you are coming from, and I agree in that it can be a useful addition, however the current system of using the number keys to select survivors and place them already allows much flexibility in combat movement.


Plus, kiting the zombies will make formations less useful.

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Formations aren't needed for PvE and PvP. Or thats what I think
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