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Save Failed Only On My Account, Others Using Same Comp Still Work

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Been away since 2015.


Upon logging into the game I may get a survivor task which I accept or decline and then I get an "Infected Sighted" notification. After clicking either "Bring it On!" or "Wait, I need more time!", when the attack starts I get save failed.


This has been going on since 5 Oct. At first I tried Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, as well as 3 different computers with the same results.


I had another person log into same computers on same browsers and they were able to play their game, it looks like my account may have been corrupted during my absence.


I saw someone post in the support forum that they kept reloading until they could click on map before infected sighted and after doing the Island their account worked. I managed to get to map twice, first time I tried doing an area for infected bounty, save failed after I selected survivors and pressed the mission start button. Next time I got to map I went to the island. I got on the island and died horribly taking many injuries and once back at my compound I got "Infected Sighted" which again brought save failed (I kept my injuries tho).


https://imgur.com/a/6vNWv - Before

https://imgur.com/a/CdJU9 - After


User Id: fb100001924634872

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