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Jack (the Main Character Of The First 2 Games) Should Totally Make An Appearance In Dead Zone

Prequel Lore Jack Previous Games Homage

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We all remember the ragged, bearded survivalist badass who started off this franchise. He isn't just another character, he is the heritage of this game, and easily the most iconic character of the entire Last Stand series by a longshot (no pun intended). He personifies every major aspect of the game, the archetypical survivor of these dark times.


I have always wondered why he never made an appearance in the MMO, which is the most important game in the series. This is probably the biggest missed opportunity we have. Maybe it's because Con wants us to make our own identities in the game, and he doesn't want Jack to take away from that. 


Anyways guys, what do you think of this idea? Wouldn't it be awesome if the mascot of the game made a timely return to us?

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