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Guest Bug/exploit

chat bug

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had an account from a different clan sign in i was on my account pink bertie named guest  a second guest entered room and basically hijacked level and tag


see pic below that shows he was a different clan

when asked to prove he was said account and invite  he sent invite to join and it came out as a BPS INVITE






yet when asked to refresh page refused


don't want his comments tied to my account




if u can fix guest name in my clan to pink bertie would be great ty

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I saw his name in chat before I typed, so I assumed I'd be Guest 2, pretty surprised to find out that I was actually the same as him.

The bug seems to be mostly visual and harmless, though to a point the game did seem to think me and him are the same, as when I clicked on his name no options appeared, which is the same behavior as when you click on your own name.

I sent the clan invite to the person that took the picture to test whether it would invite to the clan it was saying I'm in or the one I'm actually in, it ended up being the latter, which is why I think it's mostly harmless though still a weird bug.

As to me "refusing to refresh", I was playing Overwatch at the time while waiting for the alliances to reset, but for some reason they still haven't, I ended up refreshing the page after I finished a game.

Also, I'm pretty confident that this bug is exclusive to Guest accounts, though I guess we'll see.

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