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Disconnect/mission Interrupted/no Loot/now Locked

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It has happened a couple of times (I am new to the game) - I am in the middle of a mission.. the system fails or disconnects... I go back and the mission slot is locked for however hours.. no loot, no credits nothing! -- If you are having these issues of disconnects, at least make it so the missions are not locked when we try to go back in.... now a bunch of areas locked.. without being able to get anything from them.... due to a bug or error of the system. 


I do hope that I can get some credit for this... this last one was my last one for 5 minutes... I want to keep on playing but this is ridiculous! 



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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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You know, it used to be like that back in the day. You were disconnected and all you had to do is to refresh the game, and you had your survivors back and the area unlocked to try again. There was no loot, obviously.


But then, people starting abusing that. A player would loot every container on a mission, and if he didn't find anything good, he would simply refresh the game without finishing the mission and play over and over again until he found a unique. So Con decided to introduce those penalties. We brought that on ourselves, really.


From the game's point of view, it's impossible to distinguish between a disconnection, a game crash and an intentional refresh, so there was no way to apply this only to intentional refresh.

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