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Low Level Tactical Vest Icon Or Equipped Look Glitch

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Aubrey Dickson

Aubrey Dickson
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I have noticed the lower leveled Tactical Vests are glitched when they are equipped to a survivor and i would like to know why 





Unique Level 12 "Tactical Vest"






Rare Level 14 "Tactical Vest"






Unique Level 15 "Tactical Vest"



I also have 2 Level 11 Green "Tactical Vest"  and 2 Level 13 Blue "Tactical Vest" 



The level 20-28 ones actually show up like they are supposed to





Unique Level 26 Tactical Vest 







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Aubrey Dickson

Aubrey Dickson
  • 691 posts

After doing more research I have figured out that if has a prefix it is not glitched if there is no prefix is it glitched 





"Military" Prefixed Level 18 Tactical Vest 





No Prefix Level 18 Tactical Vest

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