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Crafting Requirements

crafting cost fuel maths help

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I got bored in Maths class and decided to do............maths...............and here's the result:


Thought this might be useful to lower level players (and maybe high level ones) to determine how much fuel needs to be used to craft event items. Remember, these statistics below are based off of what I crafted and what I did, but it's basically the same fuel and gives a general overview of resources. I also calculated a general price for all resources and kits.


Craft count:

 - Murderous M1 Garand x 5

 - Murderous MG42 x 2

 - Superior Sturmgewehr 44 x 1

 - Excellent Entrenching Tool x 1

(no other guns crafted)

Total weapons crafted: 9



Resources Required:

 - War Wood x 115

 - Luftwaffe Leather x 5

 - Military Metal x 825



Kits Used:

 - Assault Kit x 7

 - Ranger Kit x

 - Aps Kit x 1



Total Fuel Used:

Without boosts/books --> 4050 fuel (raw crafting, no trading)


Without boosts/books + Quality crafts book (32% extra fuel cost for last crafts) --> 4370 fuel


Fuel Used with Crafting on the Cheap (50%) and Alliance boost --> 1423 fuel

 - NB: Quality Crafts book was used for only 5 weapons and only during the last upgrade. Also, first alliance boost was 25% but the next was 20% so 1423 fuel is not an exact count. 


Estimated Total fuel range with COC 50% + Boost + quality Crafts (for 9 weapons): 1400 to 1600 fuel




Estimated value of components  - 18 lvl 3 Keys

(Price estimator used: 60 Military Metal per key, 30 Luftwaffe Leather per key, 30 War Wood per key)


Estimated value of kits - 6 lvl 3 Keys

(Price estimator used: 2 Assault kit per key, 1 Ranger kit per 2 keys, 2 APS kit per key)


Total Expenditure: 24 lvl 3 Keys or 6 premium Keys


Estimated Trading costs (optimized assuming all trades are used to their best expense): 600 fuel

Estimated Trading costs range: 600 to 700 fuel




Total Fuel Used (with trading + books + boost): 2023 fuel

Estimated Total Fuel Used range (with trading + books + boost): 2000 to 2500 fuel

Estimated Total Fuel Used range (with trading, no books or boost): 4650 to 4750 fuel

Estimated Total Fuel Saved (crafting ONLY): 3000 fuel



Now remember, this is ONLY for 9 weapons and very specific weapons. The total fuel cost for 9 weapons should change much but the most variation will be found in the resource requirements (since each weapon requires very different components).

I hope some people will find this helpful when determining how much to save just before events. I didn't spend 6 premium keys in the end because I had all my kits and got a fair bit of materials. But fuel wise, this gives you a maximum estimated fuel cost if you get everything from scratch (worst case scenario). 


I gotta say, I found doing this so much more productive than learning about Bias in my Statistics maths class XD. 


I'd like to thank Con for giving me entertainment outside of the Deadzone and in my most boring class XD.


Finally, if there are any crafting combinations you want to know (more weapons, different weapons, etc), feel free to ask in comments.

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