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Post Your Compound Setup

post compound setup layout defense

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I was just thinking that this topic is old, and most defenses are either raider defenses or raiding bait anyway, but I guess?


Well the point of this thread was for people to post their compounds to have people pick apart/find holes in their defenses.


Or to show off -- which amounts to the same thing anyway since any compound defense can be beaten by a skilled raider usually.

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I'm Level 23.  All survivors are equipped with LRs.

Some traps inside compound, some outside.



Any tips?

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I would replace two longrifles (LRs) with light-machine guns (LMGs).  An all LR defense can be a little weak vs. zeds -- you'll likely level up faster than you'll replace the LRs and the zeds and, if they're not getting inside the min range circles already, they will as you level up, and will end up causing problems.  Using two LMGs you don't need to worry (as much) about the zeds getting close to your walls as you reload.


If you don't have two good LMGs a good assault rifle (AR) can work in a pinch -- likely a SCAR at your level.


If you're not using the White Flag and worried about raiders, I would favor LMGs/ARs with range and deadeyes.  That way you'll still be hitting the green zone on that side of the map.

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Andre Kroon

Andre Kroon
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Got my 2 fighters equiped with LMG + reload vest, and AK-74 and bando, 1 very long range bow on my scav, and 7 LRs.

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