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Weapons Locker

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This is an idea put forward by a player named Eissar.


He suggested a weapons locker. A building that allowed you to increase the storage capacity of weapons and gear. I can see how this can help since, unlike all other components, weapons and gear do not stack, causing them to take up the most inventory space. I guess the bonus would not be much (maybe a max of 30 extra weapon/gear slots) but it would be a nice thing to have to boost inventory capacity for those who cannot get the book/slot upgrade.


On top of this, he suggested adding new flags (for example, a South African one).

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Another option is that you can increase the space either with fuel or money, I have 2000 spaces but still I need more. I do not know why they limit the storage capacity of all the resources as well

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Thanks Luiss, The build-able gym locker, for instance, fitting to current theme i'm sure, should merely be a place to store old weapons and gear that can either not be traded or are pretty worthless and unusable, yet recycling theses items seems like such a waste. When doing Tasks i still use these lvl20 weapons for counters and fun, but to have them chew up inventory space for a bit of use now and then really makes the recycler seem so more appealing. Sad though.


Also Thanks for mentioning it Luiss, but could it be possible to add more country flags? I would love a South African flag for my base to go the other decor.


Appreciate the time, and thank you for starting the post Luiss.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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The problem is that more storage space for every player is equal to more rental cost for storing the data. 30 slots might not seem much, but it is when you multiply it by the number of players.


Back in the day the Inventory Upgrade was done with fuel, but recently it got converted to money-only, and I would venture to say it was precisely for that reason. For this idea to work, the weapons locker would need to be built using either fuel or money, but then it would defeat its purpose because we already have ways to increase the size using fuel (Organizing Your Home) and money (inventory upgrade).

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Indeed Lana, I fully agree the locker should be made for purchase, i do not fully agree with the locker being bought for fuel as fuel can freely be obtained and we want to contribute for the required allocation of Data storage. 


Ok, so this will probably bring up the issue of "Pay-to-win" but for the guys not being able to purchase with real money at least they now have a chance to obtain weapons and gear from raiding as well.


Lastly, any news on the Flags? Please XD

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