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Please Remove Exo Zombies!

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          I am a new level 7 player and am contemplating quitting until EXO zombies are removed... I am level 7 with premium gear (Halloween accessories), and 5 survivors yet I can't complete any area over level 4 because of these freaking EXO zombies! I can't progress in my missions, so my game is just halted unless I carefully raid 3 or 4 containers before the EXOs come, then get out! I swear I'm not just terrible at the game... I think.


          Am I the only one extremely annoyed with EXOs? If not please upvote so we can finally get these removed!

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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They were supposed to go away today, but apparently there's a problem:



Great Job, Dev team. A question, will the new Super Soldiers go away together with Halloween? I found that they are pretty annoying for my low level survivors (like level 10) :(



Just deactivated them, missed them in the maintenance yesterday. Whoops!



You may want to check again that "deactivation" of yours, Con... because soldiers are still showing up in missions and infected attacks.



Don't worry, they will go away soon, probably in the next couple days.

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Them being added was already a dumb mistake by con, everyone that lost missions to those untested zombies should be awarded 50k fuel.

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Sorry, something happened with the upload. Fix is up there for sure now, just double checked.

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