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Z-mas/terror Dome

Z-Mas Terror Dome Hunter Headwear

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There is one item on top of my wish list for Z-Mas :)


Please Con & Team include Terror Dome in the event ... was great to have that last year. Also it got a bit quiet around TD since there were not much changes in game play and rewards.


New themes and rewards would make TD a more interesting alterntive to missions, raids and island again.


Also, on some alts I am already floating in Headwear and it would be nice to distribute them between alts instead of having them lying around without use ...


So please please please make Hunter Headwear tradeable so we can move them between alts. Maybe combined with introducing new items that we can run TD for ....



Hope Zanta will fulfil us this wish for Z-Mas! :)

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Yes a z-mas themed TD. But why not 1 free YD run that gives X2 points for z-mas titled as a gift from zanta
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Good idea to make it tradeable

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