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The Throw Range On Smashing Stick Grenades Is Useless

Event Grenades Smashing Stick Grenade Premature Explosion Mid-Air Explosion Throw Range

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The Detonation time on Smashing Stick Grenades is one second.

Which means it explodes in mid air after about 11 range.

I do not know if it was intended this way, but the Smashing Stick Grenade would work fine and explode right at 22 Throw Range if it had 2 sec Detonation Time instead of 1.

Or if it starts counting as soon as it hits the ground, instead of when it's being thrown.


Please look into this, they are kinda useless when they explode in half the Throw Range you would expect them to go.

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If it matters, I tested that myself and it's doing the same thing here.

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