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Inventory Mis-labeling

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First, my island haul was green pants, 50 fuel and a crafting kit.  Not quite up to standards, I think.  Instead of  a uni in the first slot, I had the 50 fuel.  Obviously I am talking about 300 point haul.


I now have a problem with inventory.  Everything I hover over with my cursor shows as Green Pants when I go from that item to other items in inventory (except for weapons and gear).  The purple kit (some sort of health kit but I can't tell since the game is telling me it's Green Military Pants) is not shown in New Items either; there is no image of the kit.


I don't really know what I can recycle any more either since I don't trust the pictures or the labels.


So, could I have a nice haul uni, please and a fix for this?


p.s. All the new guns (which moved out of New Items) in my inventory are all bugged .  No image and the name is the last thing I hovered over.


User Id: kong13617374


p.p.s.  Okay, I refreshed five times, cleared cache and wiped history.  This seems to have fixed the problem.  Of course, you still owe me a uni for the Island.

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Some people might not like the salty casualrace guy, but he does have a point.

It happened to me twice that a uni haul did not contain a uni in the last month. The old nerfed items bug seems to appear quite a bit too. 

On the first screenshot, you can see the bugged version of my max RPK, http://prntscr.com/hcxzz5

On the 2nd screenshot, you can see the real max RPK, http://prntscr.com/hcy0i4


When this bug happens, it can be fixed by reloading the game.

However, one the problem is getting locked out of a raid for 15 minutes because I "scouted" a target.

Another problem is that after this bug happens, we often get the bug where your compound does not have any buildings and I can't really do anything with it, so I have to refresh again. 


I might sound too salty over small issues, but it's kind of a big waste of time. My game tends to be quite laggy when I raid, often getting flash crash or the game just completely laggs out, timer stops working and everything. Sometimes, it gets to a point where it's too frustrating to play. 

I know that some bugs might take too much time or money to fix and it wouldn't be worth doing from a financial point of view, but there has to be something Con can do about some bugs.


Here is some information you may want about my PC/account etc.

Username: morsmagnes3

User ID: kong23532326

My laptop: https://prntscr.com/hcy49r

My internet connection: https://prntscr.com/hcy49r

I have the latest drivers on my GPU,

I have the latest flash player according to Adobe

I have the latest version of Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi and Palemoon.

The bugs happen on all 4 browsers


Thanks for your time, 



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Psst, I wuv you, mors.

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