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Auto-mission Glitch= Zero Items Looted

glitch auto-mission zero items

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This is the second occurrence within 1 week. I do NOT have a DMU.... so I send out Auto-missions before I go to bed, to help our alliance gather resources for tasks. When I log in the next morning, I am greeted with TEN empty, hollow, itemless Mission-Reports....

Why the hell is this happening? The survivors were more than well-equipped for success, as always, with no injuries. And no, i'm not deceiving anyone by sending out a mission to stand still for 2 seconds and then press the "Leave Now" button.

Huge waste of time, I have no ammo now and nothing to show for it from the missions. I want to know why this is happening.

P.S. Still have not heard back from you guys after sending a message to the support email, kindly asking to return 820 alliance tokens to us (#AP - Apprentice) that were wasted after we bought the GOLD Boost a couple weeks ago for 4120, only to lose the 1st day to a blackout for 16-18hrs.

Thank you for any clarity.

.....just tried to upload my screenshot, but it wont even let me attach a 155kb picture.

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