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Hi Con,


I was thinking i am doing alot of missions and when they comeback i sometimes have an overstock in wood for example. But there is this wood task for the ally. Wouldn't it be nice if this overstock went in the task. I sometimes forget to empty my wood supply in the task. So this feature would be really nice if it was added. This way lower level account can also trade for example the water task.



Any Thoughts ?

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I think it's part of the fun when you sometimes forget to empty your storages in the alliance tasks when new missions finish.


It's nice to be in full control of your belongings even when that means overspill will be lost.

It teaches you to foresee upcoming things better.


Right now the contribution to tasks means a temporary handicap, a sacrifice of morale and potential upgrades, and I appreciate that it works this way because otherwise

it wouldn't mean anything at all, it would require no effort.

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It's that way by design, resource management is an intended part of the game, so it's unlikely to change.

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