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being raided protection

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How does the protection work?  I'll log in and find that I have been raided but I'll have been raided twice or more and each time have all my survivors downed, and I'll have a protection on.  Is someone just waiting to raid me once my protection stops or does it take getting hit more than once for the protection to activate.  I'm just not understanding how far it is for someone to down all my survivors, damage my base, just to make it easier for the next guy to raid me.  How am I supposed to protect my compound if someone can raid me when my compound is still damaged, and my survivors are all injured?

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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The protection activates once the raid ends, and it lasts a certain time (12 hours I think, I haven't been raided in a while). This time is counted regardless of you being online or offline.
Once that time has passed, anyone can raid you again. It sounds like someone raided you and you didn't login in a while, the protection expired and then somebody else raided you again before your next login.

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The protection time varies from how the raid went. If you get destroyed in the raid *non trashing * it lasts 12hrs. If you defend from the attackers time protection time varies from 15 mins to 2 hours. But after your protection ends other players can raid you
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