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Defense War Points

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darth chandra

darth chandra
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 I'm wondering why we only get war points on defense if all the attackers are killed? This seems unfair as most raiders leave at least 1 man safe on green. So even if the raid fails, they can retreat. If raiders fail to take the flag, the flag was defended, yet we do not get credit for defending the flag nor war points. I understand the protection system only granting time based on how many of our defenders are killed. However I was wondering why con doesn't give us any war points for defended flags unless all raiders are killed? I'd also like some input from the community.

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Real raiders 1 man
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You get points based on how many attackers die. You receive 10 points per attacker killed. It doesn't matter if 1/5 dies or 1/1 dies, you'll get 10 points.

It's not unless all raiders are killed. As long as you kill 1+, you will get points.

However, it only applies if it was a war raid. Bounty raids and compound list raids are not war raids.

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