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New Location On Map

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The Secret Research Laboratory (HERC) - location type like hospitaly but bigger scale (size) like to deadzone
   - a separate place on map for example, as deadzone
    - access key card (small chance to find in deadzone if you all search)
    - underground location like Large Underground Station.
    - have 3 stages like to deadzone
    - alot chance spawned boss zombie on 1 location.
    - many rooms and close range (grenades and smoke will be used many time)
    - 2 stages will be zombies and 1 stage HERC soldiers or random.
    - new zombie will can infect 1) chance 10 or 5% hit from zombie infect random -20% - 25%  from 1 characteristic surviver, length 3 day... maybe
    - the task is to hack 3 computers to collect data about the presence of other secret locations - The Closed Research Manufacture (HERC).
    - you can find the schema of an antidote.
    - after for the passage to give a box of antibacteriological suit (suit add the moral effect of an improvement of 25 (maybe))(textures you already have) and 2 a random number thing like in the box from deadzone. (where to place the suit gear slot or in the slot in accessories, at the discretion of the developers)
   - will be needed 5 suits for surviver (for next new location on map) (can be less but it's a big risk) this means you will need at least 5 times to pass this location from 3 stages.
   - the suits will need in the future for next location on map.
to be continued
(maybe you need something from these ideas)

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