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What If: Dz Concept

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What if the game concept is different?


For example the raiders will buy a raiders flag so they can raid people, and not the other thing around where player would buy white flag to protect themselves.


Do you think we can do PVE and score war points +4 etc. To contribute for our alliance?

By putting white flag we avoid raid/s and war points given in the PVE missions.

But what if the game doesn't force us to enter the PVP concept of the game. It would be easy for us to atleast score some PVE war points come from the missions (PVE).


Lots of game I know ( eg. adventure games ) whom let us do pve and all. But also let us choose if we would enter the arena or not.


What if were not force to join PVP?


Having a white flag already have a con for the game , 1 book slot, can't contribute for alliance war points atleast for the mission points, etc.


Why is there a war points for PVE maps if it will be disabled if we have white flag on?

When all we do is just to PVE.


What if we rotate the concept?

For raiders perspective I know they would hate it.


This is an idea I just want to share. Ty

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Dude the whole point of alliance war is to battle other alliances. This takes away the whole point of the war.

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Then what's the point of having mission points for each maps?

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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To give some reward to the taskers who are supporting their alliances. We weren't even supposed to earn war points for that, until recently. The White Flag thing makes sense; after all, if you want to earn War points for your alliance, you have to leave your White Flag out and participate in the war (even if it's just as a potential target).


But I don't understand how your proposal derives from that. 

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