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Tattoos As A Wearable

Accessory Tattoo Character Clothing

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A bit jealous of those bruisers! They get those fancy tattoos and we don't!

So as a minor idea for future events or whatever, how does a tattoo clothing/accessory sound? Those temporary tattoos you can put on with water and pressure of course, to allow for easier removal.

It could be as a stand-alone clothing item, but since we don't have many short-sleeved/legged clothing it could be part of a set. Like a Tanktop + skull tattoo combo or a Cargo shorts + 'LOVE' . Maybe could even be a craftable so you can create whatever set you want, but I doubt man players here want more components to worry about.


Or make them as an accessory and give them stats? Possibly...


So, legit enough? Or too minor, not worth the time, not interesting? What do ya think

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i like the idea but maybe will be put in slot so i don't know if will work :)

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I love the idea of having tattoos as an option. Maybe you could even forget the clothing and have a whole-torso-and-head tattoo* like this guy:




He seems happy with it.



*Obviously, when equipped by a female survivor it would come with a top or something else.

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