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Fb Gameroom Problem

fb facebook gameroom

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I've an account on FB,


I originally played tlsdz on fb in-browser,


since downloading fb gameroom when I try to play in browser via my fb page in the loading screen I get the zombie chewing wires and the message that I need to be signed into fb to play,


it's a catch 22 situation because I'm signed in already,


I've tried uninstalling fb gameroom but it just won't let me go back to the older way of playing,


the latest update of fb gameroom has made it unusable,


fb gameroom routinely sabotages itself with it's 'improvements', I don't mind if they choose to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot so long as I have the option to revert to playing on fb in-browser,


how can I go back to playing in browser?


how do I get past this 'you need to be signed into fb to play' message when I'm already signed in?


help us Obi Con....  you're our only hope   o :





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The game is currently unplayable

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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I've got round it,


I kept fiddling with the privacy and security settings in firefox and can now access the game in-browser via my facebook page,


I think it was where normally I don't accept 3rd party cookies and this works fine for the Armor site but when I went for the option of  'from visited'  instead of 'never' it finally connected,


and it only took me 12hrs to figure this out  o :


I did google:


You need to be logged into Facebook to play The Last Stand: Dead Zone.
Please make sure you are logged into Facebook and try again.


and came up with two other forum posts asking the same question,


in one Con was responding is it your anti virus or something in firefox blocking it, I guess that gave me a clue to follow,




ok, sorry to make a fuss, fb gameroom can go burn in hell for all I care now as I can access the game finally without their crappy interface!


imma go play for a bit now, deep joy  : D

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My Chemical Zord

My Chemical Zord
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I used to be completely unable to play the game, but I fixed it by downloading a browser based VPN. I would recommend betternet or hoxx, they have been invaluable to me. This problem is very often caused by having a server connected to a location that is difficult to connect to the CAG servers. Try it and see how it goes. 

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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interesting angle Zord,


I'll look into this and maybe incorporate it in my setup,



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A couple of days ago the facebook gameroom asked me for a .netframework update, after updating it and installing it correctly I opened the "last stand" but when loading the game a legend appeared that says "poor performance? Your video card may not be supported. click here to find out ". apparently with this new update, net framework the facebook gameroom is not detecting my video card because in the google browser if it detects the problem is only from the facebook gamerook.

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any one figured a solution for gameroom issue?

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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when in gameroom if you go to the games setting it now says rendering method is software, I'm sure it always was hardware acceleration,


also my cpu is now running at 99% all the time in gameroom when it was running say 45% before,


I got the your graphics card may not be supported red bar message at the top of the screen and the link took you to an adobe page going on about stage 3D




if you go to the developers page for gameroom there's a notice box implying flash is no longer supported,




look in the information box under the flow chart graphic for this notice,


like seriously I'm no IT wizard but it seems to me gameroom has gone all 'unity' or html5 and abandoned flash games and not bothered to tell anyone that uses it,





my only fix is to play tls:dz in my browser by going to my fb profile, using the link I've got to the game (you should be able to find the game in their games section) and then when I click on the link and it offers me a choice I click on play on facebook.com  not  play on gameroom.


playing inbrowser with firefox and flashplayer downloaded as a plug in  is smoother than it's been at any point with fb gameroom, I've no intention of going back even if they 'fix' it.


my only problem was the game said I needed to be logged into facebook to play when I already was, this was because I needed to allow 3rd party cookies in my browser.


have you not been able to play recently?


I've just tried gameroom again and it's just as screwed up as it was a week or so ago,


I can't think now whether I've seen you in chat since all this gameroom thing started?

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