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Roadmap 2018

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Aubrey Dickson

Aubrey Dickson
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Regular Police Zombies(i.e no armor/a police vest but no helmet or tactical pants): Not trying to be rude but don`t see why the only police that are in the game are S.W.A.T guys when S.W.A.T would have only been called when the regular police needed back up.


Construction Worker Zombie: A reflective vest would have to be coded in though 


Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic Zombie (Yes these are 3 different zombies that will have higher chances to spawn in different areas i.e Doctors/Nurses in Hospitals and Parks and Paramedics in the streets): In case of the Doctor and Paramedic there would only need to be color changes to the Revolutionary Jacket(White) and one of the sets of military clothing (Dark or Light Blue) but in the case of the Nurse Scrubs would have to be coded in 


Firefighter Zombie: This would be the hardest one to code since its a whole outfit with a few different colors and extras like the hat and the oxygen tank unlike with the Construction Worker zombie where its only a vest and the Nurse zombie where its a whole outfit but its 1 color of con's choosing and there are no extras 


I really doubt it but i hope one of my ideas is one of the new infected coming 

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darth chandra

darth chandra
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How come the anniversary boxes and keys are not trade able? Will they be trade able in the future?

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Any date(s) on when the update(s) will happen?
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let CAG have their time guys :)

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