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Bug. Seriously. Another One. Killing The Fun.

bug shitty bug loot bug unlimited loot failed by bug drowning pathing is shit will it be fixed hey Im a crosshair

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So today I wanted to play a bit, launched a raid on the island and experimented another... Well, I won't use insults but be assured I plenty insulted everyone involved in this ever bugs riddled game... So, I noticed the elements I looted were ***STILL LOOTABLE***. Not like once but 5 or more. Without always giving you items. After some very quick experiments I found it can goes on and on until the loot succeeded by giving items. And that took a long time to loot a grand total NINE items in the first map, so much I lost my looter at his 8th attempt because, you known, pathing, shitty pathing.

So I canceled the whole raid as it was now totally useless and I wouldn't EVER WASTE A SECOND TO DO A RAID WITH ONLY A RARE TROPHY. And yeah, got punished by having all the raid members seriously injured for wanting to have fun. Shitty system.

So not giving up to a stupid bug I tried another location.

Same things, same bugS, just 2 teammates this time.

Nice !


Is it a variant of the connection bug that resulted in people losing their books and/or buildings many times since the beginning of the year ?

I know this game is free and not a pay to win (*IF* you look away when a shitmobile buyer brag about getting a unique for each of his 5 minutes return raid when a lot of player never find one in month...) but seriously new features and events are colorful band aids on a rotten wood leg full of termites, wouldn't it be so impossible to switch to something more stable with less bugs, meaning ditch flash as the first step ?



[EDIT] : Yeah, I was harsh, sorry. I like this game but it kills me to be confronted to so many bugs. It really spoils the fun.

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