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Improvised Boxes Level 1

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Con can you share some light on this. Ive never ever seen one of these boxes and would like to know if these are actually gettable? Also can the team add the level 1-2 boxes to hauls td bounties war boxes and monthly tasks at any level? Maybe add Tonfa Blade and Improvised Swords to the Level 3 box ?

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yay more rubbish update ideas, we all really love zombies not spawning during bounties, or static when going into a mission and especially island. I also love it when i can't open my uni haul unless i refresh and let's not forget there is NOTHING more I love that has ever or will exist than spawning in a raid, survivors not showing, refreshing only to get abandoned lockout!!!!! :D LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHH

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I've got this




and inside was this:



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