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How The Current Alliance System Degenerates The Game's Sociodemography

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Spend an hour or two in the recruitment channel at average peak times and you can actually notice the problem all by yourself. 
A bunch of alliances are recruiting. A bunch of players are looking for an alliance. Still both sides are often enough not satisfied with the results of their efforts in regards to recruiting/getting recruited. 

This is because: 

1. The average player looking for an alliance is between level 12 and 36, doesn't know much about the game because he's fairly new to it, but hyped because he thinks it's actually a great game. The average new player looking for an alliance doesn't know how to raid and doesn't have DMU. 

2. In average the alliances recruiting are looking for either good pvp players or taskers with DMU accounts at higher levels. Meeting either of those two requirements basically opens you access to pretty much any alliance you like while meeting neither of those two requirements prevents you from getting recruited to any actively playing alliance with a skilled leadership. 

The problems with that are complicated and are in part responsible for the decay of social structure in this game and in particular the decrease of netto active playerbase.
New players are needed to keep this game alive. If it's hard for new players to find integration into the existing structure they are more likely to leave the game. 
Veterans and veteran alliances are suffering on a large scale from lack of new players yet integrating them is time consuming, hardly ever leads to long-term benefits for those alliances because of people simply because the majority of new players leaves after a few weeks anyway in part because integrating a new player to better alliances often leads to the better alliances putting too much pressure and expectation on the new player. 

Speaking from my experience as someone who has witnessed the rise and fall of a handful of dozens alliances, the main reason for people to become inactive (aside from real life reasons like work/school/divorce etc.) is when someone they feel related to in this game quits or becomes inactive. 
All succesful alliance have one thing in common: At least one player who is online 'all the time', helping out everyone, always being chatty. 
Either that or the connection is between a bunch of core players who are active a lot. 
-> You need active players to generate more active players. That's my point. People who are having noone to talk to and share their experiences with, become inactive a lot more likely than players who find friends. 

The reality stands that most new players who are not having DMU or enough raiding experience to matter in alliance wars will either find no alliance or a freshly started alliance with little to no alliance chat activity or some alliance massed with players who also fail to engage others in the alliance chat and bond with each other in some way to motivate them to stay. 

It should not be as hard as it is for new players to get involved with the community and find the motivation to do so. 
Steps should be taken to make both sides more attractive to each other. Beginners need to stop meaning dead weight for their alliances who are naturally not able to donate as much to the war tasks as say cost their alliance. 
Changes are needed to make beginners benefit from veteran players and the other way around. 

What it would take: 

- Raise alliances maximum members to at least 75, better 100. That would still not be too crowded but it would potentially lead to more active chatting on alliance chat. 
- Alliance chat should start as you start the game, not as you start the chat. Instead you should be allowed to log out of it optionally after your login to the game. (Sounds like a lot of work, but should be worth it). 
- The war task tab should be more prominently included to the game's HUD so it becomes easier for beginners to find it and get reminded of its importance.

Making it beneficial for alliances to invite newcomers: 

- Instead of low level players increasing the cost of alliance tasks they should in fact decrease it. 
In alliances with a set amount of at least 5 players level 50 and above, recruiting players below level 50 should lower the costs of war tasks. Not raise them. The said low level player should therefor have been active within the last 14 days (to avoid people filling up alliances with low level multiaccounts too easily (which would still be a smaller problem to the game than the one we are allready facing even if not dealt with)). 
Alliances with low level players only can't have negative war tasks so they should at least have largely decreased costs for that. It should, in general, be easier to get war boosts so beginners are more likely motivated to join alliances and bond socialy.

- There should also be changes to make it beneficial to alliances who don't care about tasking or get it done without a problem, to recruit unexperienced raiders more likely. But I can't specify any idea in regards to that .... mainly because my times as a raider ended three years ago and I'm not familiar with the current war point system. But chnages should be made to make it beneficial for veteran alliance to recruit fresh blood. 

In the long run those changes could stop playerbase decrease and generate a new generation of active veteran players who are needed to keep this game alive. This is still a good game. It just needs to be easier for beginners to become a valuable part of it. 

PS: And I know there's a bunch of people out there who have given a ton of chances to beginners and I know those efforts don't always fail (or none of us would be here and part of the community), but the successrate is rather low still at the moment and it shouldn't rely on your friendlyness but rather on systematic changes that are appealing to everyone. 

Thank you for hearing me out. 

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Is a good point at all, making the task more balance to low level users and high level users.

In my opinion the game need balance on alliances with DMU and without it, for example find 8000 of ammo in a week for a task is hard for me because i dont have DMU, therefore it will be more comfortable if the alliances are more dinamyc with the task.

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Is a good point at all, making the task more balance to low level users and high level users.

In my opinion the game need balance on alliances with DMU and without it, for example find 8000 of ammo in a week for a task is hard for me because i dont have DMU, therefore it will be more comfortable if the alliances are more dinamyc with the task.

'Dynamic' is a key word I should have used in my initial statement. 

I disagree on the DMU-part you came up with tho. 
DMU as it is, is allready not as powerful as it may look for  low level accounts as the mission return times are pretty quick naturally and the places to visit in order to get raw materials is also fairly limited naturally. 
In regards to tasks, a highly active fresh player level 20 should be able to donate arguably the same amount to the tasks as a lvl 20 player with DMU. 

For higher levels you have a point. 
I just think that basically decreasing the value of the DMU would bring problems in another direction and might not even be beneficial fpr anyone since DMU-players will always find an alliance and there is no scarcity of free spaces in the majority of alliances that DMU-players could hypothetically 'take away' from non-DMU players. 

It wouldn't help to do that. That's what I think. 

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