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Pvp Bug, Can't Loot Anything Or Walk Over Destroyed Structures.

bug cant loot bug pathing bug cant walk over barricades

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I've come across a rather annoying bug that keeps happening to me, i wasn't going to report it until it happened to me two times in a single day.


So basically here's what happens, i load into a raid (the times it has happened has been off the target list for war points if that matters) and then my leader or who ever is in the first spot spawns where i told them to and then my other survivors are scattered throughout the rest of the compound, both times the people i spawned into were empty i'm not sure if they really had no defenders home or that was a part of the bug, but when this happens it's automatically a failed raid, because you can't loot anything including the flag to score the points you came for, and on top of that you can't even walk over anything that was destroyed like barricades or anything, the last time it happened my engineer was trapped inside the persons compound that i was raiding even though his doors were destroyed. it's like the game failed to load and it sees the barricades as if they were never destroyed even though they clearly were.


Both things happened at the same time and it has happened several times to me, would be great to have someone from CAG look into this, thanks for your time.

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