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"video Card Not Supported"

google chrome fps issues video card

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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hi matt i have checked mu system and yes its 32 bit any other solution like aurbrey said 68 beta fixed his problem can u explain plz thanks


hi pak,


well aubrey uses a Chromebook which is pretty much just a Google browser, nothing like Windows, aubrey's Chromebook worked ok on Chrome ver.66 but went funny with the ver.67 update.


most windows setups started going wrong when they went from ver.65 to ver.66, some worked on ver.66 but then went wrong on ver.67


it might work for windows trying the beta ver.68 like it did for aubrey but idk if anyone has tested it with the game on windows yet, I haven't.




visit this link, see if it offers you the 32-bit version of beta ver.68 for windows 7, idk if you can just install it over your current version of Chrome (stable) or if you'll have to uninstall Chrome first, I've not tried it out,


the Beta version of Chrome is basically what's being currently worked on and when it's ready it'll be released as the next update to Chrome (stable)


stable means: not likely to crash or glitch, beta means: can have a few bugs that still need ironing out,


hope that makes some sense!


if you have success then let everyone know!

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i would like to thank matt who helped me fixing chrome now chrome is working fine and there is no more video warning im using window 7 and my system is 32 bit but still  its running smooth so if anyone facing problem u can ask matt im sure he will help u 

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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I don't know if this will work on windows but if anyone else is on a chromebook and is having the same problems try finding the unsandboxed plugin access tab under content settings tab in the privacy and security section and add the link for the game in the allowed part as that is what worked for me at least in the dev channel 

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