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Bug With Looting Fuel Genny During The Raid

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Game have some bug with looting fuel genny during compound raids. There is fuel inside but when i loot it, its say  " nothing".

This happend too much times so far to me during the compounds raids. All sighns are there that genny " must have " fuel but again i cant get any fuel from genny.


This also happend to me even when i was the one that been raided. My genny was on, had some fuel inside, attackers looted my genny but they didnt pick up any fuel. After my login in to the game, my genny was still runing and fuel was inside.


Also sometime during the raid after looting guel genny it say only "fuel", no number just " fuel". But after on mission report, fuel looted is 0.



Please Con, can u check this, becase this can be very annoying. This can happend in 5,6 raids in a row, sometime even refresh dont help it.

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