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Difficulty Levels Of Island & Some Other Ideas.

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Hey everyone,


I have been thinking about this idea for a while now and I guess it will make the island more fun and challenging.


Everyone has been doing island for quite long now and after the new level expansion i.e. level 60, island is not challenging or fun anymore. Players can't loot the new level 56+ items in island and have to rely on Haul to get the item with a chance to get the level 50 items.


So here is the Idea,


Three Tiers of difficulty level should be added in the island which will be chosen by the player each time he do the island.


1) Easy - Mission/ Enemy level will be level 51 on bridge, level 53 on Monument and level 55 on Compound. The items which can be looted in the island during mission will be level 49- 54 items.


Rewards in Haul -  level 50 ( Max upgraded item i.e. 107, M60) or level 51 item ( RPK, Vs121 etc.)  with others slots have a chance to give Prototype HERC Cache, Premium/ Herc3 Key, unique/ Rare Token Grade 4, Unique Crafting Kit, 50-75 fuel, Ammo Caches, Tactics Cache, Infamous Notes and some Event Grenades like the Containment Grenade, Baubles etc.

2)Medium - Mission/ Enemy level will be level 56 on bridge, level 58 on Monument and level 60 on Compound. The items which can be looted in the island during mission will be level 54- 59 items.


​Rewards in Haul - level 55 ( Max upgraded item i.e. RPK, Vs121 etc.) or level 56 item ( G28, HR-433 etc.)  with others slots have a chance to give Prototype HERC Cache, Premium/ Herc3 Key, unique/ Rare Token Grade 4/5, Unique Crafting Kit, 75-100 fuel, Tactics Cache, Ammo Caches some Event Grenades like the Containment Grenade, Baubles, and some premium clothing/ accessory etc.


3) Hard - Mission/ Enemy level will be level 61 on bridge, level 63 on Monument and level 65 on Compound. The items which can be looted in the island during mission will be level 56- 59 items ONLY. 

​Hard Difficulty have to chance to spawn a Elite Zombie which will count towards the daily Elite Zombie spawn limit. HERCs will be using level 60+ items. For instance, a Mg36 level 56 LMG which is upgraded to level 60+ JUST for HERCs for their use against the players.


Rewards in Haul - level 60 ( Max upgraded item i.e. G28, HR-433 etc.) with others slots have a chance to give Premium Prototype HERC Cache, 1-3 Premium/ Herc3 Key, unique/ Rare Token Grade 5, Unique Crafting Kit, 100-150 fuel, 5-10 Infamous Notes, Ammo Caches, some Event Grenades like the Containment Grenade, Baubles, and some premium clothing/ accessory, Mystery accessory boxes etc.


​Hard Difficulty will be similar to HAZ. Players will have to face a Big challenge to get the best of rewards.


4) Extreme - No info about it yet. :)


So Players can choose their difficulty according to their need and ease. New players can choose Easy mode to do the island and get the items they need while level 60s can choose for medium/ hard mode to get their end game items while facing a greater challenge.


​Note:- Rewards in Haul, I'm referring to Unique Raid Haul Rewards.


Some other Ideas:-


1) x10 schematics of crafting Kits. It takes too long to craft x100 Refined Kits one by one, so with x10 schematics it will be a lot of time saver and then we can use more fuel and money to spend on getting the best crafts.


2) Trade-able Infamous Trophies and Hunter headwear. Its been long since the Terror dome release and players got a ton of hunter headwear, so they are requesting to make them trade-able. With Infamous Trophies being trade-able it will increase the activeness of crafting and trading by noticeably nice amount. 


3) Separate Load-out for clothing/ accessories in offence and defence. We have a separate load-out in weapons, gears and active gears in which one is used for missioning, raiding and other is used for defence. So, similarly we would love a separate load-out for clothing/ accessories too. :D


I hope everyone will love this Idea. Please don't feel shy to tell us your opinion on this, any additions, modifications etc.


Also Con please check this out. :)





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Yh good idea on island. fed up of getting level 50/51 stuff in island. Con did mention it on the box update post so hopefully he does something about it. 


The difficulties where you get already fully upgraded weapons would have of been extremely hard. Island as it stands is a joke, hercs I don't even kill them I just run to the objective, zombie map i put 2 guys in green zone or destroying the door to it and other 3 on the objectives.


It would be nice if those unassailable armors are tradeable too. They've been out for ages. and those mg42 and sturms, i got some spares i'd like to give out to people who didn't get the chance to craft any.

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i like the idea but, something that can be a modification is a dynamic difficult like resident evil 4 where the game realize if you are so good or very noob to maintain a balance between you and the game itself.


EDIT: i don't know if this is a problem but, the island one day is easy, the next day is hard, the third day is easy and so it continues that way, even if dont lose any survivor, get injured, explode a trap.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I think this is what the HERC Bunkers update was meant to do: a "hard-mode Island". I gues we will see soon enough.


About your other ideas, I do like the 10x crafting kit option and the separate load-out, but the latter has been proposed for a long time, and despite a lot of support here on the forums, it hasn't been implemented. I understand it's because of the cost of storing the additional data, so I guess it would have to be cash-only in case it happens.


As for the ears and headwear being tradeable, I think it's a balancing issue: they are meant to be individually obtained, and that way you can increase the quality (i.e. stats) of the item without making them game-breaking because you limit the number of them available to each player. I doubt they ever become tradeable.

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Well, the new WWII event clothing and items are better than Hunter headwear and people don't desperately need the new infamous items, with HBAs and new level 56 items its just fine.


The new crafts are usually only for defence purpose, and as you know there is no invincible defence yet.


Ergo, I doubt that making them trade-able will break the game in any way.


Maybe you are right about bunkers but, it doesn't mean that island will become useless and CAG won't let that happen. :)

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I like the first idea of a higher tier difficulty on the island and I don't even think the rewards have to be altered more than making lvl 56-59 drop consistantly from that haul.

The other ideas I'm not too sure about honestly except the one about separate loadouts which has been requested by raiders wanting to switch between raiding and PVE and island runs without having to change all those items around 3 times every single day :P That goes for guns/gear and clothing.

Not sure why this hasn't been done already but I suspect it has something to do with memory and server load.

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I would like to see random events during raid island like:

A few examples:

-Complete the raid missions in less than 5 minutes.

-Complete the mission without taking damage (only in map with zombies).

-Do not be injured.

-Dont trigger a trap.

-Do not disable a trap (only on maps where you can avoid all traps).

-Find all traps (there are a maps where you think "how is supposed that trap is going to kill someone?").

-Kill all soldiers.

-Do not use nades.

-Use firearms instead of melee to destroy barricades, gates, power generators or antennas.

-Scavenge the 100% of the map.

The use of the random events is to increase the chances of getting something good for the box.

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