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The Most Annoying Bugs/annoyances

bug bugs annoyances

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Here is the list of most annoying bugs/annoyances:


1. The buttons 1-5 for selecting survivors doesn't work A LOT of times (especially when it's harder to log in).
This is the MOST annoying bug in the game.

It disables some interesting strategy in this  game, like moving the whole team to other side, etc.
I send a team and keys doesn't work, after completing a mission I close the browser and enter the game, but the buttons still often doesn't work (it's somehow related to how busy server is, because when it's easy to log in the keys usually work).


2. You have to reload MANY times until you finally enter the game.
Everyone complains about this for years, how can this be not fixed yet?


3. I select a survivor and click on a location to move, but he DOESN'T move, because when you click on a location you select other survivor instead (if one is there). Combined with the bug 1. it makes this game really bad (it's by far the most annoying combo of bug/annoyance).

But it's very easy to fix this:
- just give us an option to disable selecting survivors with mouse (we can select survivors by clicking on his icon or by pressing key 1-5 when they those keys work)

- also let us put survivors on the same location (this would be so useful, especially during lag)

- also I'd like to be able to bind custom keys, but I guess we are far from that.

- also it would be nice to have a key for selecting the whole team (or something like Ctrl+Click and everyone move there).


4. This game doesn't have a secure connection, which prevents us to play with more efficient browsers (I'd like to play with Opera, Slimjet or Chrome).

This issue is really easy to fix, just have to pay a very small price for the service.
It might help to fix the problem 2. too.

5. I won't complain about lag since I doubt there is an easy or cheap way to fix it (unlike other mentioned things), but I'm curious why Unindentified building is a special place for significant lag increase?

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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Don't forget that if you do get a survivor to move it would rather go directly into the path of zombies instead of around them 

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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the loading bugs and glitches are back with a vengeance atm!


I've added youtube  to my personal blocking list in adblockplus and everything seems to have settled down again,


I think their adverts are just infested with digital herpes and interfere,

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the loading bugs and glitches are back with a vengeance atm!


Well said!


Today keys 1-5 didn't work at all! (6 out of 6 times didn't work so far, that's the first time so bad).

On top of that, this just happened:


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