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Dead Zone Fashion Show

Fashion Show Dress Up

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Aubrey Dickson

Aubrey Dickson
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Credits:Lizzie Samuel from Armor Games for the name

             evansmiker for inspiration/original idea

             Zingman for the BBcode


BBcode for pictures: [img]<link of image>[/img]



Clothes have been in the game for awhile now and I have been thinking what is the the point of making up outfits when only you are going to be the only one that will see the whole thing unless you post a screenshot in chat but sometimes people either don't know how to copy paste a link in chat or don't want to so why not post the picture in the forums and just tell people to go there, But I'm pretty sure that con doesn't want 100s of topics where people are showing off outfits so i thought why not have them in one central topic which I have just made.


Feel free to name your outfit or atleast name what the outfit is comprised of


I'll start off by posting my WW2 Soldier,Mafia Member and Riot Control Officer



WW2 Soldier:


Clothing Used:US M1 Helmet, HERC Gas Mask, US Army Jacket, US Army Slacks

Weapon Used: Miserable M1 Garand


Mafia Member:


Clothing Used:Replica Hunter's Hat, Con Artist Suit - Jacket, Con Artists Suit - Pants

Weapon Used:Terrible Tommy Gun


Riot Control Officer:


Clothing Used:Prison Riot Helmet, Ski-Mask Black, (As Undergarments) Runner Shirt - Black, Con Artist Suit - Pants

Gear Used: Riot Armor MK 1

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Haha, I love this idea!


This is Hellbunny. She's the last thing you'll ever see:




Accesories: "Buck", Wasteland Wings Reborn

Clothing: Leather Trenchcoat - Red, Wehrmacht Slacks (invisible)

Items: Warbringer, CQB Vest



A member of Tau-5 is easily recognizable by the way it blows everything up:




Accesories: EXO Helm T-05

Clothing: Replica EXO Support Suit X-11

Items: Containment HW50-S, CQB Vest



Reginald is not trapped within the Dead Zone, like the others. He paid HERC a lot of money for this safari to hunt the most dangerous game that has ever existed: zombies.




Accesories: Big Spender, Brass Goggles

Clothing: Shirt - Black Tie, Sheriff Pants

Items: Manning ER500-S



Stew is just really happy to see you. He really wants to give you a big stab hug:




Accesories: Bounty Ballistic Mask - Smiley, Replica Viking Vessel

Clothing: Long Jacket - Green, Worn Jeans - Blue.

Items: Superior Shiv, Combat gear.



Sheriff Skull's name is not really Skull. It's Stacey.




Accesories: The Skull, Sheriff's hat

Clothing: Sheriff Suit

Items: R500, Holster


I could go on.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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And I will!



She keeps her clothes white thanks to a steady aim and unparalleled stealth:


Accesories: Motorcycle Helmet - White, Assault Hockey Mask
Clothing: Wintercoat - White, Arctic Fatigues
Items: Skogr Primar Bow

The Butcher is close. The City Fathers are hungry again:


Accesories: Deathshead, Bandana USA 2016
Clothing: HAZMAT Suit
Items: Containment Blade Saw, CQB

This is Lindsay, and that is not stage blood:


Accesories: Hunter Headwear - Psycho
Clothing: Biker Vest, Skirt - Black.
Items: Guitar.

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Aubrey Dickson

Aubrey Dickson
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Part 2 


S.W.A.T Officer:


Clothing Used: Combat Helmet - Navy, UCPD Tactical Shirt, UCPD Tactical Pants

Weapon Used: M4A1


CDC Scientist/HERC Scientist




Clothing Used:HAZMAT Jacket, HAZMAT Pants, Ballistic Mask - Half Face  (Both)

Gear Used:Holster (HERC Scientist only)

Weapon Used:M9  (HERC Scientist only)


HERC Agent:


Clothing Used:Combat Helmet - Black, HERC Mask, HERC - Combat Top, HERC - Combat Pants

Weapon Used: AK-105 

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Aubrey Dickson

Aubrey Dickson
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Part 3 since there is a limit to how many pictures can be in one post
US Air Force Pilot:
Clothing Used:(As Flight Helmet) Combat Helmet - Khaki + HERC Gas Mask, Military Shirt - Green, Military Pants - Green
Weapon Used:(As Sidearm) M9
Modern US Soldier:
Clothing Used: Combat Helmet - Urban, Tactical Goggles, Camo Shirt - Urban, Camo Pants - Urban
Gear Used:Military Vest
Weapon Used: M4A1
Note:I know its not exactly right but its the best i can do with what is in the game 
Vietnam Era US Soldier:
Clothing Used: US M1 Helmet, Camo Shirt - Woodland, Camo Pants - Woodland
Weapon Used: M16A2
Note to Any Vietnam Buffs Out There:I know the M16A2 was not fielded until the 80s, and suppressors would not have been standard issue, and that there are differences in the WW2 and Vietnam Era M1 Helmets but I have to work with what is in the game and also with what i have 
Motorcycle Rider:
Clothing Used: Motorcycle Helmet - Black, Motorcycle Jacket, Motorcycle Pants
More to come possibly 

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