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Configuring Firefox For Tls:dz


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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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 Well Firefox is Version 64 now, it also won't let you fully disable updates, it will download them automatically but you can choose when to instal them, some people are experiencing connection problems with ver.64,


if you suspect the update is causing problems you can revert to version 63.


if you set the updater to not install automatically you can then download version 63 from this directory and then install it over your current version, reverting it to 63 and retaining all bookmarks, settings, etc.




you can scroll down the main page to 63.0 then click on that and follow the tree to your operating system, 32/64-bit, language version, etc.





Firefox has updated to ver. 63.0

  this was written for an earlier version and the layout has changed a little,





This is a list of the settings needed to get Firefox to connect to the game successfully on both Armor Games & Facebook.


Firefox Menu/Add-ons/Plugins/Shockwave Flash  "Always Activate"


Firefox Menu/Options/General, scroll down to: Performance...  untick "Use recommended performance settings" & a new option will appear "Use hardware acceleration when available" tick this.


Firefox Menu/Options/Privacy & Security, History: Firefox will  "Use custom settings for history"


tick "Clear history when Firefox closes"


click on adjacent "Settings"


Settings for Clearing History: Do Tick; Cache, Don't Tick; Cookies, (otherwise this would clear your in-game settings cookie from the flashplayer)


Browsing & Download History, Active Logins, Form & Search History, Offline Website Data are all optional, based on personal preference,


if you tick "Site Preferences" it will erase the filter lists for Adblockplus and prolly other types of adblockers. I leave this Un Ticked.


click "ok" to set & close the above settings window.


Cookies & Site Data: Select "Accept cookies and site data from websites (recommended)


Keep Until: "Firefox is closed"


Accept third-party cookies & site data: "Always" (unfortunately this is required to connect on Facebook)




ok, you should be good to go, the cache and the majority of superfluous cookies will be cleared each time the browser is closed but the cookie in the Flashplayer that retains your in-game settings will be retained, but you've allowed sufficient access for cookies to your browser to allow the game to connect successfully.

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