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Tips For In Game Settings For New Players

settings tips

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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on some devices with limited graphics functionality adjusting the in-game settings can speed up gameplay,


to access the in-game settings click on the cog/gear under the map icon in the game window,


deselecting or adjusting various options can have a noticeable effect,


on the General tab you can deselect: Gore, Bullet Tracers & Inventory Clothing Preview,


on the Video tab click Advanced to reveal further options,  at the very top the rendering mode being used is shown, this should be Hardware Accelerated, if it shows Software you will probably have very stilted and lagging animations and a warning about your video card being unsupported,


Dynamic Lighting turns on & off the floodlights once they're constructed,


Static Lighting can be deselected, it often is the biggest cause of lag on less complex devices,


Anti-Aliasing & Shadows can also be set to off for a minimalist setup,


reducing Vector Quality to medium can also help a bit,


on the Audio tab you could deselect 3D Sound, the Voices option is for whether you want to hear your survivors comments in mission or see speech bubbles,


the Flash Player tab opens your Flash Player settings applet, enable hardware acceleration should be ticked, by default,


once setup and the window is closed by clicking the ok button the settings will be saved as a cookie in your Flash Player,


this is viewable via Windows Control Panel, Flash Player, Local Storage Settings by Site, or in the case of Chromium based browsers via the Flash Player Online Settings




if you clear all the cookies from your browser this cookie will be erased and you'll need to reset your in-game settings again.



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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
  • 286 posts

this is still relevant, I'm trying to bump the old posts I keep fishing out for people and are getting further down the rabbit hole!

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