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Freedom Month

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Idk if this is fair or not but I kind of expected more from this event. A whole month of crafts and other stuff? I was sold. Then it turns out fragments liked to not drop and therefore resulted in me only getting one craft I wanted, nevermind the fact the only thing we had this month was crafts.


I was at least expecting the usual Terror Dome part of the event but even that didn't happen. I also kind of figured HERC bunkers would come out during the event and be tied in for a little while, then go back to normal once the event was over.


I dunno. I'm still seeing bugs that people were complaining about 3 months ago. There's still guns in this game without a reload animation, and they've been there for years.


I hope those bunkers are good because they're the only thing that might keep this game going for me.


It's not all bad though. I definitely did like the majority of the crafts. Thanks a bunch for the oval axe. Thing is a beast.

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