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Using Windows Task Manager To Avoid Flash Crash Scenario's

flashplayer crash windows

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Shockwave Flash Player (SWF) uses system memory (ram)


while you play the SWF may request access to further ram from your system,

it can continue to request further ram from your system until all available ram is in use and then a crash is inevitable,

although there is a garbage collection service built into SWF to recycle memory space it can be overwhelmed by rushes and certain map layouts,

this could be referred to as memory leak,

this will be visible as an incremental increase in memory use during extended game play sessions,

the length of a stable game play session is dependent upon the amount of memory available to your system,

a 32-bit operating system (x86) is limited to a max of 3-3.5gb of ram,

a 64-bit operating system (x64) can theoretically run something truly mind boggling like 16 Exabytes if it had the hardware to do so,


in Windows, Task Manager can be accessed by right clicking the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and selecting Task Manager,

you can minimise Task Manager and have a small animated icon on the taskbar and open it again when you want to view greater detail,


I always have Task Manager running (minimised) whilst playing and check it between played missions to see if my memory usage is getting too high,

if it is high (say 80%) I reload the game (hence rebooting SWF) before playing another mission,


I've done this for years and never have Flash crash during missions,



if you have limited system memory then there is a budget tweak that might buy you a little more space,

since Windows Vista it is possible to use a usb stick as 'ReadyBoost'


if you have a spare usb stick to hand then pop it in your fastest usb slot,

find it in 'My PC' or 'This PC',

right click it and select properties to set it up,

you may have to re-format it before it is acceptable to your system,

set it as: Dedicate this Device as ReadyBoost,


I hope some people find this useful,







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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
  • 286 posts

I'm bumping this because it's still relevant,

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