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Static Screen When Staring A Mission...

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Edgar V

Edgar V
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I tried to play tonight after a long time, but I couldn't do anything because the moment I started a mission, I got a static-like screen and coudln't move my survivors. I checked that they were at the safe zone and left the mission before anything else happened. What is strange is that when the game loaded my base again, The same static-like image was seen over my base, and I couldn't do anything to remove it. Does anyone else have had this in their game? I would like to play again, but it seems like I wouldn't do it for a while. I haven't checked with Chrome (I'm using Firefox btw) nor IE, but I will update if there is any problem there. It would be nice if you can take a look on this issue. My user Id is in my profile. Thanks.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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Hi Edgar,


the static screen thing is when a mission doesn't load up properly, it can happen but not all that often, the only way to sort it out is to reload the game, click the refresh button of your browser,


idk how long you've been away, it might have been a surprise for the server having you log in!


idk if account files get archived or compressed if they're dormant for a certain amount of time, rejoining  after a long gap may take the server a bit longer to find your details and update your game state,


Firefox is working ok with the game, it might be a good idea to check it's up to date and also check your flash player version is the latest, this link might help:




I had a weird glitch once where I went as far as uninstalling flash, restarting my pc and then reinstalling it, it cured a problem where my survivor icons were corrupted after I returned to the game from a long break,


it's a good idea to set Firefox to clear it's cache on close down, this link is a walk through:




hopefully you'll be up and running again without too much difficulty,



if you're still experiencing problems try posting a link to a screen shot of the display problem

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