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A Proposal For Game Levels 60-100 From Azi_dahaka

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Greetings! I am Azi Dahaka, leader of the Warlords clan. I started playing in 2013 and I am very proud of how this game has expanded in the following years, and I am amazed at how Con used a lot of the original player suggestions (including mine, which was physical or mental illnesses for survivors) to build new features into the system.  

Sadly after joining the forums and posting every day for nearly a month without being a spammer, none of my posts have been approved by moderators and my account remains invisible and I am unable to format my submissions to stop the preview of hyperlinks, etc. This hosting website will only have this post be visible for one year so if someone could copy-paste it into the actual forum thread that would be greatly appreciated. 

This thread is for brainstorming what zones level 60 - 100 might be like, along with possible new elite types, zombie types, mission text, new buildings in the base, and possible weapon types. The devs are welcome to use the ideas from me or other players in this discussion. They are also free to ignore these suggestions if they feel like it and not do further level expansions (or expansions that are not like the ones proposed by players in this thread), since the events are also a fun (and much less code intensive) way to introduce new content into the game.

A note to others who might suggest or build on my ideas: art assets like furniture in buildings can be time-intensive (and thus expensive) to draw and model, which is why Con was very happy when a player in the early days suggested raider bases, since a lot of existing art assets could be re-appropriated.

Level 61 Zone: The monorail (sort of a necessary pre-zone)

A single 'train station' (using train station assets) sits in this small zone and no other buildings. On the map the elevated monorail track touches all future zones on the city minimap. If you visit this zone enough (as you also progress through the later zones) you will eventually RNG the three elite zombie types exclusive to this area, The 

Monorail Pilot (that is the correct term apparently), The Conductor, and The Traveler. If you kill all three of these elite zombies at least once, then your survivors will be able to "ride the monorail" and can return for free from five missions a day in the later zones (which will probably be necessary as the wait time will continue to grow for players without the deathmobile upgrade and the experience requirement for leveling up will continue to grow as well). Players with the deathmobile upgrade will not have to collect these elite kills, but will be free to do so if they wish since there is a new base building later in these suggestions that encourages hunting elite zombies (or just completing a mission for extra XP).  PLEASE NOTE: None of this is meant to reference the train scene in the film 'Matrix Revolutions', which I consider not to exist. It could be a reference to the South Korean zombie film 'Train to Busan' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyWuHv2-Abk or even the train ghost in the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore film 'Ghost'.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

(Exclusive) Monorail Pilot  (zany adventure starring a monorail driver http://ragnerdrok.com/2018/06/20/fate-accelerated-according-to-plan-a-head-above-the-competition/)

(Exclusive) Conductor http://royalentertainers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/550694_415168915180893_1079315169_n.jpeg

(Exclusive) The Traveler https://zombiecode.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/zombie_nast.jpg?w=497

New Buildings:

Monorail Train Station https://ih0.redbubble.net/image.59923840.6391/flat,550x550,075,f.u7.jpg

Quest Texts:

Slay the Monorail Pilot: We must find and dispatch the Mororail Pilot so that we can use the track [kill Elite pilot 0/1]

Slay the Conductor: We must find and dispatch the Conductor so that we can use the track [kill Elite Conductor 0/1]

Slay the Traveler: We must find and dispatch the Traveler so that we can use the track [kill Elite Traveler 0/1]

New Weapon Types: None that I can think of for this area

New Base Buildings: The player Harpango has made a number of fascinating building and trap suggestions in this iconic, influential, and popular thread:  


Level 62 Zone: The Burned Zone

This large zone of the city was engulfed in flames in the days after The Fall and no one was alive to put out the fire.

Special properties: This looks like a normal city zone from the map, except that in several cases there are empty spaces where buildings used to be. Scavenging actions in this zone takes twice as long (digging through the ashes) and you are three times more likely to find an empty container with no items inside since so much was destroyed (luckily none of the quests in this zone require you to find a certain amount of gear or weaponry). The building scenery and art assets such as shelves and furniture and map floors are hue-corrected to be blackened and charred, and there are many more blackened 'junk piles' in the surviving buildings than in previous zones with fewer wooden watchtowers on the street maps, etc. and more firetrucks and burned out cars in and outside of buildings from the firemen who rushed toward the inferno.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Charred zombie: normal fat zombie with blackened areas of burned flesh

Husk Zombie: completely black ashen zombie missing one arm and a head, with orange glowing embers still glowing in its torso and legs, sort of like this without the armor: https://stmed.net/sites/default/files/dark-souls-hd-wallpapers-32937-8312118.jpg

Fireman zombie: Zombie Fireman

New Buildings:

Union City Public Library: Map icon = Giant city library with roman edifice and columns. Standard library design with atrium, rare book collection, computerized checkout lines, and "stacks" of shelves with burned boxes on the floor where librarians tried to salvage important works or store supplies or camp in the ruins. Very slightly increased chance to find books with the multiplier still stacked with the Burned Zones scavenge penalty. (building description on city map) Only a few books remain in the burned out husk of Union City's great library.  

Union City Hall: A grand City Hall structure filled with burned emergency equipment. Auditorium within similar to police station auditorium with lots of chairs and city council podiums or table, a mayor's office like the police station offices, with many office desks for city workers. (building description on minimap) HERC seized the City Hall only to soon abandon it when the fires raged out of control in this part of the city.

Union City Tribune: Large burned office with charred printing press. (game description) The Dead Zone Gazette stole a lot of the machinery from this ruin.

Union City Central Post Office: Map icon = large building with another roman edifice and columns. map layout is similar to the back rooms of the large hardware store with a truck loading dock and large open lobby-space for lines of customers at the mail-windows. Many boxes on the floors. (building description on city minimap) There are probably still customers waiting in line to get some stamps. 

City Courthouse: Courtrooms and jail cells like the police stations. Good chance to find weapons. (building decription on city map) I find you guilty.

Town Square: A park layout with a few more water fountains, benches, and a central statue https://youtu.be/rgHiq8PYtgI?t=1m49s and more burn damage (building description on City Map) So much for the Union Days city festival.

(multiple instances) Burned Ruin: A normal building layout from another zone except without any walls, and much fewer searchable points of interest.

Quest Texts:

1. You've Got Mail: Fires wrecked this area of the Burned Zone. Time to go postal on whatever packages we can dig to. [Post Office Explored 0/1, Post Office Kills 0/100] 

2. News Just In: The Dead Zone Gazette stole a lot of the machinery from this ruin in the Burned Zone. Let's see what's left. [Newspaper Explored 0/1, Newspaper Kills 0/100]

3. Fahrenheit 452: A few trashy romance novels guarded by some singed librarians and patrons. Knowledge is power in the Burned Zone. [Library Explored 0/1, Library Kills 0/451]

4. Extra Crispy: No one was alive to put out the fires in the Burned Zone for weeks, but we can clean up the remnants [Burned District Kills 3500/3500]

5. Peek out our Heads: We can thank our city government for coordinating the disaster so successfully. Let's visit the City Council in the Burned Zone. [City Hall Explored 0/1, City Hall Kills 0/150]

6. Ashes to Ashes: Something might be left in these Burned Zone ruins? I'll get the shovel [Burned Ruin Explored 0/3]

7. Union City Square: Easier to get through here within the Burned Zone if we thin the infected [City Square Explored 0/1, City Square Kills 0/150]  

8. Fire and Fury: These cars in the Burned Zone are toast, we can use whatever is left. [Streets Explored 0/2] 

9. Feel the Burn: Farewell my flame-broiled friends. Your time in the Burned Zone are at an end. [Charred Zombie Kills 0/20]

10. Fire Nation Attack: Despite everything we've seen in the Burned Zone so far, I'm impressed that it's still able to walk. [Zombie Husk Kills 0/20]

(Quest Title #3 is a book about burned books. Quest Title of #5 is a reference to http://www.metrolyrics.com/city-hall-lyrics-tenacious-d.html, Quest Title of #8 is a topical book title, Quest Title #9 is 90s jazzercize lingo, Quest Title #10 is a reference to the very popular 'The Last Airbender' anime).

New Weapon Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKzhy6af-vY

New Base Buildings: Clan flag trap upgrade + indoor tiger trap: https://youtu.be/K4cLiV_o8Go?t=1m27s 

Level 65 Zone: The Utility District

Smaller zone, some 'Burned Ruin' buildings on the edge of the zone sharing a boundary with The Burned District

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Garbage Zombie: like a walking huge trash golem with a few bits of a bruiser zombie visible underneath

Electrician Zombie: wearing hardhat, jumpsuit, safety gloves, and safety goggles, looks like an engineer

Rat Hive: Zombie with zombie rats protruding out of body, looks like Cardinal Copia from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_ijc7A5oAc

New Buildings:

Landfill: Huge field with continuous stacks of 'junk piles' bordered by some dumpsters and metal salvage bins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzQxmG9zn3c. Good chance to find junk.  Junkyard and car graveyard and crusher areas. (new assets can be repeated into 'recycling center' buildings which would be smaller versions of the landfill in future zones). 

Water treatment plant: A watertower with "Union CIty" written on it and graffiti crossing it out to spell out "DEAD ZONE". Adjoiining industrial building layout similar to 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvD0L2Gn5zg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whjEikBiOFo, pools of water like the woods map, offices like the office map, piles of woodchips for filtration. Good chance to find ph kits and water purification tablets. Blood red water?

Sewer Tunnels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMNRQix_QzQ with "fatburgs" that need to be sliced through. (new assets can be repeated into 'sewer pump station' buildings which would be smaller versions of the sewer tunnels in future zones).

Union City Power station: Large central power hub for the city, layout similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNspo_s-1jY many power lines and a few 'capacitor bank' and 'power transformer' on the outside of the offices (New assets can be optionally be repeated in smaller versions of this building in later zones called 'electrical substation)'. (game description) The power is yours!

Union City TeleCom: Large office with back room area with shelves and a few trucks (game description) Internet speeds have been a bit slow recently.

Quest Texts:

1. What a Dump: No panicked citizens in the Utility District ran off with this stuff during The Fall. [Landfill Explored 0/1, Landfill Junk Found 0/100, Gear Found 0/5]

2. Electrifying: We can certainly use the items here in the Utility District that haven't been looted. [Power Station Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/100, Power Station Kills 0/150] 

3. It's a Me! Mario!: It still smells awful down here, but I would bet some people in the Utility District or surrounding areas tried to escape through these tunnels, [Sewer Tunnels Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered in Sewer Tunnels 0/100]

4. H2O No!: Drip, drip, drip. The Utility District is a leaky place. [Water Treatment Plant Explored 0/1, Water Treatment Plant Kills 0/150]

5. Hello Operator: Phone and Internet technicians in the Utility District may have left behind some valuable materials. [Telecom Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/150, Telecom Kills 0/200]

6. A Literal Garbage Person: That is just unhygienic. Let's clear these monsters from the Utility District. [Garbage Zombies Killed 0/25] 

7. Rat-aliation: These corpses in the Utility District are swarming with undead rodents, I've never seen anything like it! [Rat Hives Killed 0/20]

8. Eye in the Sky:  We have enough parts to run a silent flier with low energy requirements. [Drone Pad 0/1]

New Weapon Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdNDHmEOgMY


New Base Buildings: Upgradeable Drone pad: Survivor with least experience gains X% more experience during zombie attacks to the base. X% less cover-rating given to attacking enemy raiders. (looks like a small concrete disk on the ground with helipad markings).

Level 68 Zone: Church Street

The Holy district. The religious flocked en masse to the churches to beg for forgiveness during The Fall or to defend their places of worship.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Nun Zombie: A zombie nun

Penitent: Rag wearing zombie with a flagellation flail

Buddhist Monk: Desire (for brains) is the path of suffering

New Buildings (can re-use church pews and altar-tables and elevated lecterns through multiple buildings in this district)



Wedding chapel


Mosque (prayer carpets)


Hindu Temple

Buddhist Shrine

**small cemetery** (larger cemetery appears as a huge later zone)

Quest texts:

1. Confession: The Grand Cathedral on Church Street requires a bit of an exorcism [Cathedrals Explored 0/1, Supplies Found 0/250]

2. Bah The Powah of Geesuh: The Church Street parishioner's generous donations go to a goodly cause [Megachurches Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered in Megachurch 0/5, Megachurch 

Kills 0/250]

3. Do I Hear Wedding Bells?: Speak now, or forever hold your peace, Church Street. [Wedding Chapel Kills: 0/150]  

4. Holy Vows: The monks of this small monastery on Church Street tried to live simple lives of self-reliance [Monastery Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/100]

5. As-Salaam-Alaikum: We shall help the faithful find rest on Church Street. [Mosques Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5]

6. Mazel Tov: Let's not touch the Sefer Torah on Church Street [Synagogues Explored 0/1, Supplies Found 150]

7. The Dharma Initiative: This Hindu Temple on Church Street seems abandoned, let's check for survivors. [Hindu Temple Explored 0/1, Hindu Temple Kills 0/200]

8. Make Me One With Everything: These Buddhists on Church Street have re-entered the reincarnation cycle, and their bodies should do likewise. [Buddhist Temple Explored 0/1, 

Supplies Found 0/150, Buddhist Temple Kills 0/150] 

9. Road to Perdition: Cemeteries give me the creeps, let's take it slow on Church Street [Roads Explored 0/2, Hospitals Explored 0/1, Cemeteries Explored 0/1]

10. Fleshcrafted Excellence: Let's show our rivals who they are dealing with [Build Infamous Totem 0/1]

New Weapon Types: razor whip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfr-Y3KBf84

New Base Buildings: Upgradeable Infamous Totem (resembling the corpse totem from the NBC show 'Hannibal' 

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a5/9b/69/a59b69cd050b10a209db853f34d127f8.jpg). Clicking building offers trade of infamous ears for X gas (x is more as totem is upgraded). Decrease moral effects of attacking raiders by Y%. (y is more as totem is upgraded).

Level 71 Zone: The Elite Enclave (or a name like "Orchard Landing" if you prefer)

Where the wealthiest of Union City make their home. No prisons or warehouses and minimal police presence.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Golfer zombie

Trophy wife zombie

Leisure zombie (fat male zombie with cigar in gucci bathrobe).

New Buildings:

Golf course

Country club

Gated community

Mcmansion (even bigger than a large residence)

Organic grocery (exactly the same as a supermarket except everything costs twice as much)


Antique Shop (any of the existing furniture tiles arranged as inventory)

Opera House

Quest Texts:

1. Toast of the Town: The Elite Enclave has given us a membership invitation to their Country Club. [Country Club Explored 0/1, Country Club Kills 0/200]

2. Grand Slam: The Elite Enclave has a well appointed Golf Course, let's play a few holes [Golf Course Explored 0/1, Golf Course Kills 0/200]

3. Barrel Aged: The Elite Enclave Winery has some award winning vintages, what is left after the raiders have been through here? [Winery Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/200]

4. Starter Castle: These McMansions in the Elite Enclave have ridiculous floor space! Try not to get mud on the carpets [McMansions Explored 0/3,  Weapons Gathered in McMansions 0/5]

5. Whole Paycheck: Ohhhh an Organic Grocery in the Elite Enclave. I hope that they have Gluten Free Hot Pockets. [Organic Groceries Explored 0/1, Supplies Gathered 0/200]

6. Antiques Roadshow: This priceless handcrafted mid-century antique table in the Elite Enclave is going to make great scrap wood [Antique Shop Explored 0/1, Wood Collected 0/100]

7. The Fat Lady Sings: The Opera House in the Elite Enclave may have some great set-building tools and costumery [Opera House Explored 0/1, Junk Found 0/100]  

8. The Gated Communities of the Elite Enclave were still overrun by the undead, despite the walls they lived behind [Gated Community's Explored 0/2, Weapons Salvaged fromGated Communities 0/5, Gated Community Kills 0/300]

9. Alarm Systems: The Home Security Industry had a lot of wealthy customers in the Elite Enclave [Security Explored 0/2, Gear Found 0/5] 

New Weapon Types: M32 Grenade Launcher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pUiBRqmEWA&list=PLSEPPhRchi-KYfEbAfMyYelDSYO-XB1EF&index=17 Cheytac Intervention M200 Sniper Rifle 


New Base Buildings: Personal Stash Bed Upgrades. Clicking on each bed makes an empty shoebox display appear, representing the hope chest of one of your survivor's personal belongings or mementos, holding 5 (darkened) symbols and signifiers of their treasured memories of the past or their hopes for the future. These might be old photos, a children's toy, stuffed animals, a bottle of champagne, an expensive cigar, a handcrafted art tchotchke, newspaper clippings, jewelry, car keys, sports gear, a pocketknife, a book without writing on the cover, a handkerchief with lipstick marks, etc. etc. These are not a separate item class (and they can be changed by the player to customize which items are in each box), these items appear after you fulfill a certain number of 'personal requests' quests for each character and they permanently give the character bonus points in 1. morale 2. health 3. move speed 4. suppression resistance, and 5. one point of both ranged and melee damage

Level 73 Zone: Union City University

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Student zombie: zombie wearing UCU Hoody and sweatpants)

Frat Zombie: Two polo shirts with popped collar and a backwards visor

Jock Zombie: Zombie wearing UCU sports jersey

New Buildings

Fraternity house (like a large residence, but with pizza boxes everywhere)


Lecture Hall

University Library (reuse assets from the Union City Public Library)

Pizza joint

Outside Basketball Court (used as a staging ground by Campus security with many boxes and supplies left on the court)


Quest Texts:

1. Fraternity Pledge: Welcome to Union City University. It's party time, bro! [Fraternity Houses Explored 0/3]

2. Packed in Like Sardines: The elevators and stairwells in this Union City University dormitory are all unpassable, but the ground floor holds some promise of good loot 

[Dormitories Explored 0/1, Resources Gathered 0/200, Dormitory Kills 0/200]  

3. Class Dismissed: The Lecture Halls of Union City University are significantly more exciting now [Lecture Halls Explored 0/2, Lecture Hall Kills 0/200]

4. Finals Week: The University Library at Union City University has quite a few students still completing their final papers [University Libraries Explored 0/2, Gear Found 0/5]

5. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: The Pizza Joint was the final stand for more students than most other institutions at Union City University. They died for a noble cause. [Pizza Joint Explored 0/1, Pizza Joint Kills 0/200] 

6. Streetball: This outside basketball court at Union City University may once again inspire a lot of exercise [Outside Basketball Court Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered from Outside Basketball Court: 0/5]

7. Disco Inferno: Let's check out the Nightclub near Union City University [Nightclub Explored 0/1, Nightclub kills 0/200]

8. Grade Inflation: Let's hope for fewer admissions to the student body. [Union City University Kills 0/4000]

9. Light Hazing: Greek life certainly beats greek unlife [Frat Zombies Killed 0/20]

New Weapon Types: Poisoned Bullets (human enemies take damage over time, certain toxins may also hurt zombies), plasma rifle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K48ZD6-GWw 


New Base Buildings: Media Center. This is a bookshelf in the base that works like the shoeboxes. The top shelf has some external hard drives that hold TV shows and movies, and there is also room on the shelf for books, comics, graphic novels, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, laserdisks, a digital projector for movie nights, or old videogame systems. The player can specify what desired media items the survivors wish to salvage from a list of hundreds of parody titles/bizarre cultural artifacts like Allie McBeal http://ragnerdrok.com/2017/10/04/red-markets-the-missionaries-1-an-easy-retirement/ (or if that would be too labor intensive just have an expanded list of general media format categories, like POETRY, NINTENBO 74, COOKING MAGAZINES, etc. etc.). Like the shoeboxes, none of these media works count as tradeable items or inventory items. The media center items are 'scavenged at a rate 1/5th that of research materials, and can be consumed to heal an injury for free (and then are blacked out on the bookshelf and need to be scavenged again). Max charges = X (which improves with further upgrades to the media center).

Level 75 Zone: The Union City Convention Center

Huge Convention complex hosting a renaissance fair (no usual buildings)

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Armored Knight Zombie

Zombie serving Wench

Jester zombie

New Buildings:

Medieval market

Jousting grounds

Royal Banquet Hall

Mummer's Theater (opera assets recycled)

Archery grounds (which is why there are so many bows in the game)

War Wolf Trebuchet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_6LeWzNx_c (possible to cut through rope and launch a trebuchet ball once per visit to this area?)

Secondary building? (full of either fursuit zombies or zombie superhero cosplayers)

Quest Text:

1. There was a renaissance fair at the Union City Convention Center during The Fall [Medieval Market Explored 0/1, Resources Gathered 0/200]

2. Boar's Head: Time for a feast at the Union City Convention Center m'lord! [Royal Banquet Hall Explored 0/1, Supplies Gathered 0/200]

3. God Save the King: We may put the weapons of the Jousting Grounds at the Union City Convention Center to better use than the previous owners [Jousting Grounds Explored 0/1], 

Weapons Gathered from Jousting Grounds 0/5, Jousting Ground kills 0/200]

4. Court of the Crimson King: The Jesters, Merry Andrews, Harlequins, and Jugglers of the Mummers Theater at the Union City Convention Center no longer play their merry tunes. 

[Mummer's Theaters Explored 0/1, Mummers Theater kills 0/200]

5. Loose Your Arrows!: The Archery Grounds at the Union City Convention Center sold bows to visitors across the city before The Fall, but ultimately they were unable to resist the horde. [Archery Grounds explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered from Archery Grounds 0/5, Archery Grounds Kills 0/150]

6. Have at thee Knave!: The Knights of the Union City Convention Center Table dance when e'er they're able. [Kill 0/20 Armored Knight Zombies]

7. The Engines of War: There should be good tools and materials around this recreation War Wolf Trebuchet at the union City Convention Center [Trebuchet Explored 0/1, Resources gathered 0/200]

8. Costumed Onslaught: There was some sort of other convention happening in the secondary building at the Union City Convention Center [Secondary Buildings explored 0/1, Gear found 0/5]

(Quest Title #4 is a reference to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4VTwWz2tj4, Quest #6 references the film Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail)

New Weapon Types: Many of these are not pronounced correctly by the videomakers:




New Base Buildings: Spike boar trap and whip trap and cemetery gun  https://youtu.be/PYkbBGmzNas?t=2m22s

Level 78 Zone: MegaMall

Instead of clicking on different map icons for this zone, this zone allows the clicking of portions of one very huge building. Hopefully with one "Dawn of the Dead" callout 

Easter Egg. More populated than other zones with zombies.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Mallwalker Elderly Zombie: Extra slow, less chance of being stunned)

Fashionista Zombie

Romance zombie: two intertwined teen zombies who have their arms stuck projecting through each other's torsos (waling on one pair of legs if that is easier to model)

New Buildings:

Movie theater

Instead of grocery: 'food court'

Instead of Security: 'mall security'

multiple 'store' or 'department store' or 'hardware store' choices

Garden center

Parking lot almost as big as the building

Quest Text:

1. Mallrats: The MegaMall was Union City's most successful shopping district [MegaMall Kills 0/4500]

2. Home and Garden: The MegaMall Garden Center might have viable seeds we can salvage [Garden Centers Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/200]  

3. Greasy Goodness: The MegaMall food court could feed an army, as long as that army was OK with transfats. [Food Court Explored 0/1, Supplies Found 0/200, Food Court Kills 0/200]     

4. Fat Mallcop on a Segway: The MegaMall Security Office became an impromptu war bunker after the Outbreak [Security Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered from Security 0/5]

5. Shopaholic: Thank goodness credit card debt is in the past [Stores explored 0/3]

6. Spend Spend Spend: Let's put this on the wedding registry [Department stores explored 0/3, Junk Found 0/40]

7. Ancient and evil: The elderly mall-walkers keep attacking in groups! [Mall-walker Elderly Zombies Killed: 0/45]

8. Feature Attraction: The MegaMall Cinemaplex had ridiculous ticket prices [Movie Theaters Explored 0/1, Movie Theater Kills 0/200]

9. Free Parking: Where did we leave the Death Mobile again? [Parking Lots Explored 0/1, Parking Lot Kills 0/200]

10. Eternal Embrace: Ahhhh young love. Someone should really separate these youngsters, they are making a scene. [Romance Zombie kills 0/20]

New Weapon Types: The Madu and Australian metalstorm https://youtu.be/A3mXbP6R57Y?t=2m8s, fertilizer bombs

New Base Building: Art Gallery (each survivor gets to hang one small framed painting or poster on the walls which use the clan flag creation engine).  Adds to morale.

Level 81 Zone: The Auto Mile

Five different car dealerships and various independent car shops and car parts stores with various normal city buildings between them

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Mechanic Zombie (greasy overalls and a wrench)

Zombie Car Salesman

Car with a zombie in it (heard the noise of your survivors and accidentally pushed the engine start button, and is flailing around moving the steering wheel and stepping on the gas erratically)

New Building Type:

Car Dealership: Office with large parking lot with rows of the same car in different colors and attached "loading bay" for fixing cars

Car Parts Store: Like a hardware store

Emptied Gas Station

Quest Text:

1. Car and Driver: The Union City Automile was not spared from the outbreak, but many of the cars were. [Car Dealerships Explored 0/5]

2. Out of Gas: The panic during the outbreak emptied Union City's gas stations, and most gas tanks of parked cars were also scavenged by those desperate to escape. [Emptied Gas Stations Explored 0/2, Supplies Found 0/100]

3, Imported Parts: The Automile Car Parts Stores may have some useful gear for us [Car Parts Stores Explored 0/2, Gear Found 0/10]

4. Mechanically Inclined: These Grease-monkey zombies are surprisingly strong [Mechanic Zombie Kills 0/20]

5. Sweetheart of a Deal: (Slaps Roof of Car with Severed Arm) [Zombie Car Salesman Kills 0/20] 

6. Carmageddon: These zombies turned behind the wheel, and then start flailing around when they hear us nearby [Car Zombie Kills 0/20]

7. Speeding Ticket: The Police Station on the Automile had some of the fastest cruisers to outrun hotshots in sports cars [Police Stations Explored: 0/1, Weapons Gathered from Police Station 0/5]

8. Speed Bump: The Suburban Streets near the Automile resented the heavy traffic nearby [Suburban Streets Explored 0/2, Supplies Found 0/100]

9. New Dealership: These construction sites were the start of two new car franchises that never made it to market. [Construction Sites Explored 0/2, Resources Gathered 0/200, Construction Site Kills 0/250]

New Weapon  Types: XM25 and electricity bombs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8FskoXRlFI

New Base Buildings: The return of different car customization options

Level 83: Union City Zoo

A huge zoo complex with numerous different enclosures

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:
(the elite ears are from the contents of their stomachs)

Zombie Giraffe

Zombie Panda

Zombie Hippopotamus

Zombie Zebra

New Buildings

Reptile House


Gift Shop instead of 'store'

Petting Zoo

Nurse's Station instead of Hospital

Food Court instead of 'grocery' (reuse MegaMall Food Court assets)

Zoo security instead of security

Baby animal nursery

Primate Enclosure (rage virus '28 Days Later Joke': map icon text = "This Monkey is infected... with rage!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb6Q2NjFvfU)

Quest Text:

1. An Animal's Hunger: We can hopefully find some food in the Food Court of the Union City Zoo [Food Court Explored 0/1, Supplies Found 0/200] 

2. I am the Lizard King: The lizards and snakes of the Union City Zoo Reptile House all seem to have escaped, died, or were eaten, but people still left some supplies behind [Reptile House Explored 0/1, Resources Gathered 0/200, Reptile House Kills 0/200]

3. Exit Through the Gift Shop: The Union City Zoo Gift Shop was more profitable than some whole districts of the city [Gift Shops Explored 0/1, Junk Found 0/50, Gift Shop Kills 0/200] 

4. Cute Overload: The Baby Animal Nursery at the Union City Zoo seems to have been evacuated by the zookeepers, but we still hear something in the halls. [Baby Animal Nursery Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5]

5. Big Game Hunters: The Union City Zoo had Zoo Security Centers that were prepared both for animal threats and human wrongdoers, but unfortunately not the Infection. [Security Centers Explored 0/2, Weapons Gathered in Security Centers 0/10]

6. Call Aquaman: The water is ominously dark at the Aquarium in the Union City Zoo [Aquarium Explored 0/1, Aquarium Kills 0/200]

7. R.I.P. Harambe: The Primate Enclosure at the Union City Zoo is the next area we should search for supplies [Primate Enclosures Explored 0/1, Supplies Gathered from Primate Enclosure 0/200]

8. Nursing a Grudge: The Nurse's Station at the Union City Zoo should have a lot of medical supplies like a hospital would [Nurse's Stations Explored 0/1, Nurse's Station Kills 0/200]

9. Animal Pals: The Union City Zoo has a Petting Zoo that is packed with the infected, don't let them pet you. [Petting Zoos Explored 0/1, Petting Zoo Kills 0/400]  

New Weapon Types: https://www.policeone.com/the-tacticalist/articles/186560006-Danger-at-the-zoo-A-look-at-weapons-response-teams-at-animal-parks/ .700 Nitro Express Elephant 

Rifle  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YWqkX8ZLDI

New Base Buildings: Hidey hole: a designated patch of ground with a hole or cellar door in it that protects X amount of wood, silk, metal, gas, food, and water from being raided or stolen (the amount oX increases with upgrades to the hole). The hidey hole is "buried" when not in use, but hole is constantly visible to the player without having to wait for survivors to dig up the hole or recover resources into the resource pool. Resources are not separated for the player, some amount simply is unstealable.

Level 86: The Financial District

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Robber Baron zombie (dressed like Mr. Peanut or the Monopoly Man)

Cubicle Drone zombie (lady businesswoman in shoulderpads)

Anti-Capitalism Protestor Zombie with a protest sign

New Buildings (street has more limousines)


Trading Floor: https://financialtribune.com/sites/default/files/field/image/november/14_bond.jpg

Megabanks (with Vault)

Credit Union (with Vault)

Insurance office = office

Accountancy = office

Skyscraper (horizontal cross-section of different floors connected by hallways that look like stairwells, wall holes are the clogged elevator shafts and not passages to the outside on the upper floors)


Luxury Apartments = Large Residence

Quest Texts:

1. Bear Market: Though algorithmic trading was more efficient, the Trading Floor of the Exchange in the Financial District was still filled with traders and visitors trying to profit from the Outbreak's volatility [Trading Floors Explored 0/1, Trading Floor Kills 0/300]

2. Heist of the Century: A lot of people put their valuables into the vaults of the Union City Megabanks in the Financial District. [MegaBanks Explored 0/2, Weapons Gathered from Megabanks 0/10, Megabank kills 0/400]

3. Community Chest: Credit Unions in the Financial District remained a popular alternative to banks before the Outbreak, as did their vaults. [Credit Unions Explored 0/2, Gear found 0/5]

4. Beancounters: Accountant Offices in the Financial District were in high demand, and may still contain some useful items [Accountancies Explored 0/1, Junk Found 0/15]

5. An Act of God: The Insurance Offices of the Financial District were a controversial industry with many connections to heated politics (Insurance Offices Explored 0/1, Junk Found 0/15, Insurance Office Kills 0/150) 

5. So Many Floors: The Skyscraper in the Financial District has elevator shafts that are overflowing with hungry undead. Let's do some cardio whatever stairwells are not blocked off. [SkyScraper Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/200, Gear Found 0/5, Skyscraper Kills 0/300]

6. Cafe Dead Zone: Two sugars please. [Cafes Explored 0/1, Supplies Gathered 0/150, Cafe Kills 0/150]

7. Tip the Doorman: The Luxury Apartments of the Financial District are known for their extravagant prices [Luxury Apartments Explored 0/3, Luxury Apartment Kills 0/300]

8. A Quiet Stroll: Many deals have been struck in the park enclosed by the Financial District, and many heads will be struck by our careful application of force. [Parks Explored 0/1, Weapons gathered in Parks 0/5]  

9. The overwhelmed Military Base in the Financial District was deployed on the grounds of an old war fort that was, in the present day, a museum. [Military Bases Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered from Military Bases 0/5, Military Base Kills 0/200] 

New Weapon Types: silent shotgun https://youtu.be/6juvPxlHuUk?t=4m52s
New Base Buildings: No ideas currently.

Level 89: The Union City Airport

As with the megamall, this zone is one huge airport complex packed with passengers who tried to get away during The Fall, and those foolish souls who sought to protect them.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Pilot Zombie

Flight Attendant Zombie

Tourist Zombie

New Buildings

Terminal A

Terminal B (international)

Food Court (same assets as Zoo and MegaMall Food Courts)

Security Check In = Security

Air Marshall = Police

Air Traffic Control Tower

Baggage Claim

Runway (with burned planes destroyed by Herc)

Cargo Hangar = warehouse or depot with big doors and an exploded airplane in it

Quest Texts:

1. The Unfriendly Skies: Almost nowhere was the crush of people greater than at the Union City Airport as stranded people tried to buy freedom from their fate while HERC moved in to take over. [Union City Airport Kills: 0/5000]

2. Local Flights: Let's see what can be salvaged from Terminal A at the Union City Airport (Terminals A Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/300, Weapons Gathered from Terminal A 0/5)

3. Passport Please: The International Terminal at the Union City Airport once brought people from all over the world. (Terminals B Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5, Weapons Gathered From Terminal B 0/5). 

4. Full Cavity Search: The Security Gates at the Union City Airport remain intact, but Herc has obviously been here. (Security Gates Explored 0/2)

5. Frequent Flyers: There is an Air Marshall's Office deep within the Union City Airport, hopefully we can get through. (Air Marshall's Office's Explored: 0/1, Air Marshall Kills 0/200).

6. Roger Roger: The Air Traffic Control Tower at the Union City Airport has a lot of promising radio equipment that may still remain if not looted or sabotaged. [Air Traffic Control Towers Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/200]

7. Liquids Forbidden Beyond this Point: The Food Court at the Union City Airport was mostly a place for nervous or lonely fliers to get drunk and pickpocketed. [Food Courts Explored 0/1, Supplies Gathered at Food Court 0/200, Food Court Kills 0/200]

8. Still Safer Than Driving: HERC destroyed many airplanes at the Union City Airport hoping to prevent the spread of infection. (Runways Explored 0/3, Runway Kills 0/400)

9. High Flying: The Union City Airport only a couple cargo Hangars that have not been totally burned or decimated. [Air Hangar Explored 0/2, Resources Gathered from Cargo Hangers 0/300, Cargo Hanger Kills 0/250)

10. Lost and Found: Dead people at the Union City Airport did not pick up their suitcases. (Baggage Claim Explored 0/1, Junk Found 0/40)

New Weapon Types: Punching Dagger  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCbrcKqgFlY varmit shatter bullets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5o04_JsSvY

New Base Buildings: No ideas currently.

Level 92: Union City Water Park

A series of pools and slides over a city district smaller than the airport https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/family-vacations/biggest-water-park-in-world

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Fat zombie in a man thong

Bikini sunbather zombie

Olympic zombie in a speed-swimming suit

New Buildings

Surf Machine

Tiki Bar = Cafe assets

Kiddie Pool



Diving Boards

Security Office = Security

Locker rooms

Go Kart racetrack (Terror Dome but with the players riding in three tiny identical cars)

Quest Texts:

1. Tubular: The Union City Water Park is known for having the best water slides in the entire city. this was also briefly a refugee encampment. (Water Slides Explored 0/2, Resources Found 0/200)

2. Tropical Vibes: The Tiki Bars in the Union City Water Park served food to hungry swimmers (Tiki bars explored 0/2, Supplies Found 0/200)

3. Relaxing Whalesong: The Spa at the Union City Water Park was a popular destination for the stressed and the sensual. (Spas Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5, Spa Kills 0/200).  

4. Cannonball!: The Diving Boards at the Union City Water Park became makeshift campsites for those looking for protection (Diving Boards Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered from Diving Boards 0/5)

5. Avert Your Eyes: The Locker Rooms at the Union City Water Park may still have some unopened lockers we could get into. (Locker Rooms Explored 0/3, Junk Found 0/20, Locker Room Kills 0/200)

6. The Shallows: Before the outbreak, The Kiddie Pool at the Union City Water Park might have had worse micro-agents in it than the zombie plague. (Kiddie Pools Explored 0/1, Resources Found 0/200)

7. Gnarly Shreds: The Surf Machine at the Union City Water Park was apparently in use when the horde closed in. (Surf Machine Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5, Surf Machine Kills 0/200). 

New Weapon Types: Chlorine bombs (chemical weapon to use against enemy bases while raiding or defending) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ClB_DSwHOI Clorine harvested from waterpark swimming-pool chemicals

New Base Buildings: sniper shield barrier mount (increases range past watchtowers) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHOiSRgCDpg

Level 95: The Tech District

A district favored by the tech sector.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Rogue security robot (ie. Boston Dynamics)

Tech Mogul zombie (dressed in imitation of Steve Jobs)

Overcaffinated programmer zombie

New Buildings

Tech campus (many of the same assets as the university campus or mall food court)

Organic Juice Bar = cafe

Hackspace (a maker shop for robotics and car and prop-item enthusiasts) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hackspace+tour

Drone Fulfillment Center (drone pads + union city post office assets) = Warehouse

3D Printer Shop = Office

Server Farm (same asset repeated over and over within a giant building) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uvdPDXaBPc

Start-up Incubator = Large Residence

Solar Panel Farm (same asset repeated over and over within a giant field) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn_gUcCO-gM

Quest Texts:

1. Moore's Law: The Tech Campuses in the Tech District were designed so that employees would never need to leave work. (Tech Campuses Explored 0/3, Tech Campus Kills 0/400)

2. Cold Press: The trendy Organic Juice Bars in the Tech District did not ultimately extend the life of their patrons, unfortunately. (Juice Bars Explored 0/2, Supplies Gathered 0/200)

3. Racks Upon Racks: The Server Farms of the Tech District were an obscure hiding place for victims and survivors for a while, but the horde picked up their scent eventually. (Server Farms Explored 0/2, Resources Gathered 0/250)

4. Air-mail: The Drone Fulfillment Center in the Tech District has been severely looted, but it is worth searching through, just in case. (Drone Fulfillment Center's Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5, Drone Fulfillment Center Kills 0/150).

5. Technomancy: The Hackspaces in the Tech District housed the collaborative passion projects of many gearheads and robotics amateurs. (Hackspaces Explored 0/2, Weapons Gathered From Hackspaces 0/5).

6. The Singularity Cometh!: The vision algorithms of these idiot Tech Sector Patrol Robots asses weapon-holders as immediate threats, but not the infected of course! (Patrol Robots Killed 0/20)

7. Disruptive Culture of Cat Video Innovation: "The Cloud" has never sunk lower. (Start-up Incubators Explored 0/3, Junk Found 0/30)

8. Overcaffeinated Horror: The programming life and its dietary peculiarities has warped some of the infected's metabolic equilibrium (Programmer Zombie Kills 0/20) 

New Weapon Types: Maxim 9 pistol https://youtu.be/8WKMx6aTm68?t=3m Hudson H9 pistol https://youtu.be/icUkrcPFX4g?t=2m0s

New Base Buildings: Upgradeable Czech Hedgehog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1gGsNj6s8U (implies that you have also placed them strategically in the routes around your base, decreases raider time limit by X while raiding). Solar Panels with materials raided from the 'Solar Panel Farm' building.

Level 98: The Union City Cemetery

A giant cemetery complex

Special Zone Properties: Tactics books must be equipped to run missions in this zone.

New Zombie / Elite Zombie types:

Shambling Abomination

Skeletal Revenant

Lady of Skulls

Death Lord

New Buildings:

Cemetery Gate


Columbarium (wall displaying urns of cremated ashes)

Funeral Chapel (wedding chapel assets)




Funeral Home

Cemetery Management Office (with gravedigging, gardening, and security equipment)

Quest Texts:

1. A Grim Reaping: Some poor souls fled the bombing of the city to the only place left to them, what they found in the Union City Cemetery was not a pleasant surprise. (Union City Cemetery Kills 0/5000)

2. The Gates of Madness: The Infected smelled the bodies of the departed through the ground and walls, and those with flesh remaining within the Union City Cemetery have been disinterred. (Cemetery Gates Explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered From Cemetery Gate 0/5) 

3. Dearly Departed: The Funeral Homes surrounding the Union City Cemetery were loaded with scores of the dead as the outbreak occurred, before people realized what was happening. (Funeral Homes Explored 0/3, Resources Found 0/200, Funeral Home Kills 0/300).

4. Rest In Pieces: We can find cover behind the Crematorium in the Union City Cemetery. (Crematoriums Explored 0/1, Gear Found 0/5)

5. For Whom the Bell Tolls: I think we can make it to the Funeral Chapel in the Union City Cemetery. (Funeral Chapels Explored 0/1, Supplies Found 0/100)    

6. Day of the Dead: The Cemetery Management Office in the Union City Cemetery is a handhold to our further progress into the horde. (Cemetery Management Offices Explored 0/1, Resources Gathered 0/100, Junk Found 0/30)

7. Wall of Death: No one yet lives around the Columbarium of the Union City Cemetery. (Columbariums explored 0/1, Weapons Gathered from the Columbarium 0/5, Columbarium Kills 0/300)

8. A Final Goodbye: We cannot give up our search of the Union City Cemetery. (0/3 Mausoleums Explored, 0/3 Crypts Explored, 0/3 Headstones Explored)

New Weapon Types: https://youtu.be/Kk6pAGUgVT8?t=3m50s https://youtu.be/IPD6ZsVdux8?t=1m24s
New Base Buildings: No current ideas.

Level 100:

The HERC Bunker

Modeled after the Raven Rock bunker in the USA, the Herc Bunker is a secret facility that is a self-contained city of 7000 chosen elite, as described by the book "Raven Rock: 

The Story of the U.S. Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself While the Rest of Us Die".


New Zombie / Elite Zombie / Living Survivor types:

HERC commander

Parked Armored Vehicles

NPC Bounty Hunters from the Bounty Office

New Buildings

The Bunker

Quest Texts: Max Level, no further EXP needed (possible endgame content might be to penetrate or raid the base, seize and fire anti-aircraft guns into hostile air targets to protect the home base, or fighting Con as the patient 0 boss monster or Ivan the Trader from the earliest missions in the game, or players recruited into joining the bunker or locating the _____ that they have been searching the city for all along).

New Weapon Types: 

"Insect Grenades" that cause famine at enemy bases (0 crop production and increased food consumption for three days)

New Base Buildings: 

Mobile SAM (Surface to Air missile) launcher https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIM-72_Chaparral, automatically gain a new 'aircraft wreckage supply crate' at your base every 3-7  days after 'shooting down an enemy aircraft'.

Super Aegis 2 with 'control console' inside the base: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ygFeywrvjc

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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1 it seems like you broke the formatting by posting too much in one go so most of it I can't read 2 con has more or less given up on the game 3 alot of your ideas have been suggested before and were shot down 4 all of this would take much too long to implement anyway since if you haven't heard flash is dying in 2020 and the game is flash based

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1 How the fuck did you manage to break the format?


2 Hate to be this guy but the game is dead barely held together by the ally war, and to to be honest con has left the game pretty he doesn't even interact with us raising the cap to 100 is just not gonna happen.  Honestly I am surprised as hell that con hasn't given us a date when he is shutting the game down permanently. 


Con has provided me with hours of entertainment with his games I admit that, I hope what ever it does it makes him happy. 

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Darth Xanna

Darth Xanna
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Well I did not read through that whole mess good effort on the "fan fiction". A cap raise to even lvl 70 would not make much sense. The weapons and gears we have now are pretty much maxed. Any weapons beyond lvl 60 would just have useless range that exceeds the games maps and triple 70 max resistance vests with a bunch of extra stats already exist.

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as a example, if CON increase the cap level to 65, probably he just move the things from level 56-60 to 61-65 and put other stuff in the blank space.

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Level increase in level cap is not really a good thing. What CON should do now is to port this game for Android for use for mobile devices as support for Flash is gone down the toilet.

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*saltiness intensifies*

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*saltiness intensifies*

Doesn't really matter, the ideas are pretty outlandish and just objectively bad to begin with.


I'm still quite impressed he managed to destroy the formatting so badly. Thumbs up for that one.

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