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Books Disappearing

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I have White Flag and a couple of books equipped, but they keep disappearing. Twice in the last few weeks I have logged in and the books are not there and some keyboard commando has raided my compound. I got the white flag so I did not have to deal with this BS. Please fix it.

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Same here. My white flag dropped this week, not only did I get raided, I got TRASHED and lost 40 fuel. Good times.


Please fix the book drop bug!

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diconect in mid raid what up with that ?? its bad for my stats as a raider .!!!! + a raid lock out for something like a dc??

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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon
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Been having my books unequipped many times even my white flag book gets unequipped due to that bug that makes books unequipped. I don't how I am  not getting raided with that white flag book getting unequipped or a 3 day cool down. Either its pure luck I am not getting raided or the games code still thinks my White flag book is still equipped. been having a blast making war points from missions.

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