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Everything That Needs Fixing.

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Since you're back Con, I figured attempting to make a master thread for recent bugs/sorely needed improvements wouldn't be a bad idea.


Anyways, here's a few things I'd like tweaked:



Infected Bounties: Please for the love of god tweak the level ranges so we can finally do bounties. On top of that, looking at the loot might not be a bad idea either.


Union Island: I get that Bunkers are coming out at some point (maybe) but in the meanwhile, is there any way you could adjust the loot to match your level, or something? In addition, there's certainly some items that shouldn't be in the raid haul (like herc mine casings).



Terror Dome: It's simply not worth doing. I decided to get back into doing Terror Dome runs and both runs were a complete waste of fuel. Please look at the rewards, and maybe difficulty as well (seems somewhat easy right now). Things to remove include medical supplies, basic grenades, low tier crafting kits, and some of the clothing, especially stuff like the HERC gasmask.


AI Compounds: A basic fuel generator which gives say, 15 fuel or so would make these worth doing.


Food drop rate: It is super low. I have so much water but barely any food, can this get looked into please?

Prefixes: There are still several prefixes which need to be looked into when it comes to items and gear. I believe they've been said elsewhere. 



If anyone else has additional bugs/feedback they'd like to share, please do so!


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lots of war targets have disappeared from the lists, leaving some with as little as a page or less to raid during war. this makes it hard to gain points and get war boxes

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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon
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some things to add to the list for to be fixed.


-Book exploit and trained books still has had no fixes even after trained books getting disabled




- Mission quests from expansion update that never got fixed but got disabled due to the save fails   




page 3 con mentions on disables the quests. http://forum.conarti...-bug/?hl=quests




-Rare elite infected since they don't spawn in the new areas from the expansion update only the unique infected with the riot only. 


- loading screen on kongregate



-Black screens after missions

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Very good points tehswordninja , just had a few TD runs and gold box was filled with crap. Not worth it right now. I hope Con looks at this so he can adjust the unique raid haul, bounty crate and terror dome gold box. We dont need any more medical supplies n these reward boxes! ( we get them from elsewhere ).

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