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Small Typos That Trigger Me

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Hi Con,


I have a few small things that have been bothering me of the past couple months.


The amount of typos on event stuff is the most common problem

For example the usa 2017 weapons dont have a name and just show up as an ? as name

But also the zmas hunt items from last christmas are kinda annoying

There was one pack that showed up all named White ZMas Arctic combat knife for example. according to older event it should be Z-Mas no ZMas

Also in this same event there was an issue the the Z-Mas cardigans the names have an extra space thus allocating them in the wrong position in you inventory thus giving a weird effect

Also in the 2017 EXO reborn pack you included replica rigs you added all but one The Exo Rig Stealth did not have an actual replica.

Now were on the exo rig topic there is an issue with display on male and female character on the low level exo rigs this happens to the light mobilty rig and Blade fighter they make the character invisible. the same happens with certain halloween clothings in the 2017 event. Also it should be time making the Whiteout, outbreak and other passed event items tradeable i dont know why there is this barrier

And last thing that comes up into my mind is the Typo you put on the Exo RPK reborn it says EXO RP instead of RPK



Thanks for reading con

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